Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bad Joke & A Pregnancy Show Tackling Common Reality Televion Topics

Okay, here's a bad "19 Kids and Counting" joke:

Q: What do Bill Gates and Gil Bates have in common, aside from confusing names to people with dyslexia?
A: One has 17 billion dollars, the other has 17 kids!

(Insert corny groan here.) Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it! I'm not even sure how many billions Bill Gates has, but the Bates family does have 17 kids (with the eighteenth on the way). They've almost gotten caught up with the Duggars!

To make this somewhat relevant, the Duggar family visited the Bates family on "19 Kids and Counting" this week. The Bates family, believe it or not, only had two bathrooms for all of their family members before they began their renovation. Is that crazy or what? Their updated house will have six bathrooms and a play jail house. Yes, a pretend jail play house. I guess that's fun for kids...sort of.

I'm Pregnant and..."

"I'm Pregnant and..." is really hitting on the reality show golden topics these days. A few weeks ago, we saw a couple give birth to a dwarf (their words, not mine). This week, the topic is that the woman is pregnant and a hoarder! What's next, I'm pregnant and a chocolatier? (Get it? Because so many reality shows these days are about little people, hoarders and chocolatiers / bakers / chefs? You know, like the show "The Little Chocolatiers?") Anyway, this show, as always, is awesome and a great show to watch. Although I'm not sure that being a hoarder is quite as serious as the powerful episodes about being in jail or facing drug addiction. Still, this show is good to watch...and makes me want to clean my home!

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