Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bad Jersey Shore Joke

Okay, readers, please forgive me for this awful, cheesy joke.

What do you call a "Guidette" with a compulsive eating problem?


(Get it? Snooki...Snacki...bad, I know!)

We learned today that Snooki wanted to trademark her name, but she can't. Why not? Apparently, there's a story about a cat named Snooky, so name isn't hers and hers alone. Sorry, Snooki! At least Snickers didn't stick as a nickname. That's already trademarked.

Anyway, Wife Swap brought us a set of sisters with very matchy names: Breanne, Brooke, Bridget and Britt. I actually like these names, but the parents aren't really giving the girls their own identities with these names. And what will they do if they have another girl? What's left in the 'Br' family? has plenty of ideas, but aside from Brandi and Braelyn, most are pretty awful. Just as an example, the website suggests:

Brandace, Branyell, Brendette and Brynhild.

Um, please don't use these. Also, don't take this website's advice for acceptable spellings. Brytnea does not equal's just cruel!

Also, just a note: I still think Erica Rose from "The Bachelor" and "You're Cut Off" is fantastic!

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