Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bachelor Pad

Here are some tidbits from the season premiere of Bachelor Pad:

Contestants are competing for $250,000 cash.

Melissa Rycroft Strickland (she's married now!) joined the cast as a co-host, along with Chris Harrison.

All of the contestants will be sharing a room throughout the duration of the show. It's like a giant slumber party!

The girls are going to vote guys off the show, and the guys are going to vote off the girls. So, because the show is like a mix of The Bachelor(ette), Temptation Island and Survivor.

The girls decided right away that they wanted Craig out of the house. So, they had to win the competition. What was the competition, do you ask? Twister. Yes, Twister. A giant game of Twister. Let me tell you, Twister is one game that amps up the sexual tension amongst reality TV love and fame seekers. Unfortunately, Craig stole victory and saved himself from elimination. He, in turn, saved Jessie S. from elimination by presenting her with a rose.

Two contestants were voted off (Juan & Michelle), but don't worry, even with two people gone, there is plenty of drama left.

There are two very interesting names on Bachelor Pad: Tenley (Jake Pavelka's season) and Krisily from Charlie's season. I kind of enjoy both names, although they are a bit strange. Kiptyn is on the show too, but that name just drives me nuts, and not in a good way.


Anxiety Unmasked said...

I saw a description of this show somewhere and thought that I just needed to stay away from it! I'll be reading the updates about it here instead - since they'll be somewhat filtered and I don't have to watch all of that sexual tension unfold!


Anonymous said...


keLLy said...

If this isn't a disease spreading show I don't know what is!!!! lol It should be a good one. Jesse the one hooking up with Natalie is soooo HOT! hehe

I agree with you on the names. Krisily is very different. I don't remember her. I must of not seen that season of the bachelor.