Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Night Television

Melissa and Joey

As far as Tuesday night scripted TV goes, "Melissa and Joey" got some of its edge back this week. This week's episode still wasn't as good as the pilot episode, but the awkward situations were fun to watch. Plus, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence really do have fantastic chemistry when it comes to the on-again-off-again secret attraction to each other.

While I'd love to see "Melissa and Joey" last, I think this is going to be the kind of series that lasts one season and falls off the face of the earth. Although this could be wrong because it's an ABC Family show, and if enough people watch, this show may stay on the air until it jumps the shark...then lands safely and jumps the shark again.

I'm Pregnant and...A Nudist

This week's "I'm Pregnant and..." featured a pregnant woman who decided to continue her life as a nudist throughout her pregnancy. This episode was a lot lighter than last week's "I'm Pregnant and...HIV Positive," but was still a must watch.

This episode of "I'm Pregnant and..." Sherri, a nudist mom-to-be whose grandmother founded a nudist colony, made the decision to raise her child, Olivia, in the nudist tradition, the way that she was raised. The problem? Her husband is not a nudist. However, he accepts her lifestyle.

The show explores nudism as a lifestyle choice, rather than something stigmatized that people simply do. Sherri and her husband agree on the fact that they support nudism for their child, however, they will certainly not force the lifestyle on their child. Brittany, Sherri's sister disagrees. She states that the young child does not have a choice in the matter, which makes her uncomfortable.

A main point of the episode is that nudists are normal. Aside from being naked (which is obviously non-traditional), nudists are typical people who do not enjoy wearing clothing. It should be noted that nudists are respectful - the hostess decided to stay clothed in order to make the non-nudists feel comfortable.

Sherri is very responsible about nudism. She sees a therapist about her nudism and the possibility of raising a nudist child. She strongly considers Olivia's potential future feelings and parenting issues she may face.

Realistically, raising your child is a nudist is similar to raising your child in a particular religion. No matter what you choose, someone will disagree with your lifestyle decision. As parents, the choice is Sherri and Edward's (Olivia's dad), and they are handling it properly.

Plain Jane

This was my first attempt at watching "Plain Jane." On "Plain Jane," host Louise Roe takes on a target each week. The target is a girl classified as 'plain.' Louise's job is to transform this boring girl into a fun, attractive girl. At the end of the episode, the girl must take her crush out on a date. The appeal of the show is to watch a girl suffer, then get brought back up, and finally end up with her man or get dumped on national television.

This show is another typical makeover, ugly-duckling-to-swan show. I can do without it. We see a girl who plays it safe, and in the span of one neat and clean hour, she gains style, fashion sense and confidence, and is ready to face the world. Sorry, this show is not a winner. While I typically actually watch television shows, I was able to skip through most of this one and still figure out exactly what was going on.

Teen Mom

This week's "Teen Mom" brought us some happiness for Maci, which is wonderful. She's truly a kind and wonderful person, and deserves happiness in her life. However, Maci struggled when her boyfriend Kyle asked her and Bentley to come live near him. That's a big change for a teen mom with a baby! Maci ultimately made the decision to move to Nashville to be near Kyle.

We watched Farrah, stressed from being scammed out of $3,000 and losing her free babysitting, take a chance at speed dating. It was interesting to watch her dating experience, but it seemed that talking about her daughter scared guys off. Unfortunately, the dating did not work out, and Farrah didn't have any luck finding a good man.

Amber contemplated completing high school. Gary wasn't exactly thrilled with Amber's plan to pay $355 to finish high school, mainly because a GED costs $60. Amber, after seeing a counselor, selected the GED option because it's best for her family. Normally, I might say she should select the HS diploma if it makes her happy, but this allows her to set her sights on a college diploma, which will probably help her obtain a better job so she can support Leah.

Amber ended up taking her GED test, and it did not turn out well. She cried throughout the test and ultimately ended up failing the test. Sorry, Amber! I'm still rooting for your success!

Catelynn and Tyler's relationship passed its rough patch and moved back into a good place. However, Tyler faced a personal struggle because his dad was forced to leave and go to rehab. Tyler looked at the bright side and noted that at least is isn't jail. He still was affected, though, which was evident from his reaction after his father left from breaking the news.

We learned that Tyler's father is in rehab for cocaine use. Knowing that, it's easy to see why Tyler's so affected! That's a lot to deal with while growing up. Catelynn's mom apparently doesn't deal well either - she freaked out at Catelynn for pretty much no reason. Fortunately, Catelynn reached out to make peace, as that is the mature thing to do.

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Announced

Dancing With the Stars - Season 11 Cast Announced

The season eleven cast of Dancing With the Stars has been announced, and let's just say that it's sure to be an interesting season.

Famous-for-being-famous celebrities Bristol Palin, Audrina Patridge and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will face off to see who's the most famous for doing nothing - I mean - who can dance best.

We already know Brandy and Michael Bolton can sing, but we'll find out on Dancing With the Stars' eleventh season if they can dance as well.

Former pro athletes Kurt Warner and Rick Fox will see which athlete prevails on the dance floor.

Standing on his own is David Hasselhoff. Can't wait to see if he'll be drunk or rock the dancefloor!

The other contestants are Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, Florence Henderson, and Kyle Massey.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Part One

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion started out with drama. Andy Cohen opened up the show by asking the housewives what they thought about "Jersey Shore." Teresa let us know that she didn't like it because she thought it was trashy. She followed it up by stating that Danielle Staub probably loved "Jersey Shore" because her trashiness matched theirs. (Her words, not mine.)

What would we think of a TV special where "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" meets "Jersey Shore?" I think Teresa and Snooki could talk fashion, and Teresa's husband Joe could play poker with Mike "The Situation." What do you think? I think Jacqueline's daughter Ashley would love hanging out with Pauly D.

Andy Cohen addressed the discussion from last year's Housewives reunion show where Caroline accused Danielle of doing something awful to Dina. It turns out that Danielle supposedly tried to have Dina's daughter taken away from her. Danielle denies this, but the other New Jersey housewives claim that it's the truth.

Teresa got up in Dina's face, telling her not to break up her family. She littered the accusation with a ton of expletives. Somehow when Teresa does it, it's somehow endearing. If Danielle did that, I'd be disgusted. For some reason, Teresa makes madness look so good! Granted, she does cause some dramatic, over the top moments with her screaming (and season one table flipping), but she somehow makes it work!

After the almost-fight between Teresa and Danielle, Danielle told her entourage about how Teresa could have hit her. I don't debate that, but here's the thing - Teresa never hit Danielle. So, it was at least slightly unfounded.

Teresa was asked directly if her home is in foreclosure. Her answer was no. When Andy pressed further about whether she was worried about her home or not, she noted that her family is all that matters. That seems to mean she might actually be worried.

Danielle, who seemed to be joined at the hip to her friend Danny, now claims they just filmed together and aren't even friends in real life. I'm not sure I believe that - or I feel bad for Danny if it is! Danielle was also questioned about how she could afford a Sweet Sixteen for daughter Christine. She stated that everything was donated. I want to know how she affords drivers and bodyguards, not to mention the legal fees she pays for defense because of her two sex tapes.

Danielle was also asked if she's intimate with singer Lori Michaels. She refused to answer. She hinted that she might be with her, but wouldn't give a definitive answer. I think that's a no, but she likes the idea that people are speculating.

Here's some random news: 70% of polled Bravo viewers would select Caroline as a mom out of all of the housewives. Only 3% chose Danielle.

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Five Things You Probably Wanted to Know, Including Jeff Miranda's Proposal to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

1. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's boyfriend may now be her fiance. According to recent sources, beau Jeff Miranda recently proposed to Snooki on the cover of Steppin' Out magazine. Congratulations, Jeff Miranda and future Mrs. Nicole Miranda!

While some news stories about the Jeff Miranda / Snooki proposal present a negative view, why not take a look at the positive side? A Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jeff Miranda wedding would be amazing for Jersey Shore. And, it would be nice to see Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi happy and married! She's certainly had her share of bad relationships (I'm talking to you, Emilio, and the other guys she dated while on Jersey Shore), so maybe this will be a good one!

2. Karissa Shannon of "Girls Next Door" fame was the other participant in the Heidi Montag sex tape. You know, the one that Spencer is threatening to release. Karissa claims that she doesn't want the sex tape getting out, but she's certainly talking about it a lot to the press.

3. Paris Hilton is claiming the drugs found in her possession are not her drugs. So, there was a strong scent of marijuana in the car, and drugs were found in Paris' bag, yet they weren't hers? I guess theoretically they could have been planted in her bag, but I'm not convinced.

4. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is adopted. She's not actually Italian - she was adopted from Chile. You know what, though? She doesn't have to be Italian to fit the role of "Guidette" that she loves. Jenni "J-Woww" Farley isn't Italian either.

5. Justin Beiber wants to do a remake of the hit musical "Grease." Okay, interesting. He wants to share the spotlight with Miley Cyrus. Now that's just over the top. Is Justin Beiber even old enough to say the dirty words in some of the songs? (My gym plays a clean version of "Greased Lightning" in which the line "the chicks'll cream" was changed to "the chicks'll, the chicks'll". Yeah, I don't get it either. Why not scream? Gleam? Or turn green? Or even 'the chicks are clean'? At least try!)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did They Stay Together? A Review of Reality Love

Dating shows usually end with happy endings. However, once the cameras stop rolling, do the romances last? Usually not. Here are relationship reviews from past reality shows that didn't fare as well as the contest winners may have hoped.

Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair, Kerry Schwartz stole Frank Maresca's heart, or so we thought. It turns out that Frank unceremoniously dumped Kerry almost immediately, stating that he was in love with his ex. Ouch, poor Kerry! She really was into Frank, and this seemed to hit her pretty hard. Sorry, Kerry!

The winners of Rock of Love didn't have much luck either. As we know from recent reality news, Bret Michaels is dating is on-again-off-again girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson. While Bret Michaels and Taya Parker claimed to be dating for some time after their reality show ended, Rock of Love 4 was also said to be in the works. However, neither Taya or ROL4 have been in the news lately, as Bret is standing by the side of the mother of his children, Kristi Lynn Gibson. So, sorry, Jess (season 1), Ambre (season 2) and Taya (season 3)!

New York and Tailor Made had a similar fate after I Love New York - a very public breakup. This one occurred on New York's reality show, proving once and for all that she's in this game for fame, not love. Was there every any doubt, though?

Tila Tequila and Bobby Banhart are another reality TV couple that didn't go the distance after A Shot At Love. Theoretically, Bobby actually dumped Tila. In season two, Kristy rejected Ms. Tequila and didn't even accept the final key. Tila dropped out of the reality dating circuit after that, passing on her throne to the 'Ikki twins.' She later dated Casey Johnson, heiress to the J&J fortune, who passed away during their courtship.

My Antonio brought us a couple who I thought might last: Antonio Sabato Jr. and Brooke Barlow. However, this couple was broken up pretty much by the time the show aired. This breakup seemed to be amicable, at least, which is more than we can say is the case for many television splits.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt, although not technically from a reality dating show, are facing a divorce. The villains from The Hills are calling it quits after years of Spencer's fame whoring and Heidi's plastic surgeries. Now, Spencer plans to release a sex tape of Heidi. Classy!

Not that anyone's surprised, but it didn't work out between Hugh Hefner and the barely legal Shannon Twins on The Girls Next Door. In fact, after the breakup, the girls, Karissa and Kristina, did move next door (literally) to the Bunny House, until they were forced to leave because they were dating other people. (Hef was not a fan of this.) Word has it Hef is still dating girlfriend Crystal Harris and might even marry her. Ouch! This must be painful to Holly Madison, who wanted so badly to become Mrs. Holly Hefner and have some babies.

On a positive note, Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight (featured on My Fair Brady) are still married. Good for you!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Woo and Boo Review for the Week ending 8/29/10

Woo for Perez Hilton making a cameo on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. I believe Perez reported on the feud between Jamie Lynn Spears and Victoria Justice during the run of Zoey 101. I think the feud caused Victoria to be written off the show. Now, Victoria's got a new show and newfound fame, while Jamie Lynn Spears now has a baby and a broken relationship.

Woo for the theoretical Drake and Nicki Minaj marriage. Drake and Nicki Minaj would make a very musical couple! I'd love to see the music - and babies - they create together. If this is true, may you have many years of wedded bliss. If not, why not consider getting married - you could make great music together!

Woo for Miley Cyrus' Max Azria fashion line for Walmart. I checked out the selection of clothes and I think the line is fantastic. Granted some of the clothes aren't my style personally, and some pieces are a bit revealing for a teenager, but the tank tops and shoes are fun, high quality and affordable. The six dollar tank tops come in fun colors and are made of great materials. Plus, the colors (silver, pink, burgundy, blue, gray, purple and more) are great!

Boo for Paris Hilton being arrested for cocaine possession. Haven't you learned your lesson, Paris? First marijuana possession, now cocaine? Seriously, Paris, being an heiress can't get you out of everything, and you've already been to jail once. Why go for a second round?

Boo for Melissa and Joey not being as good as it was during week one of the ABC Family series. It was still funny, but the comedic edge in week one was lost in week two. I still think Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence make a great team, though, so hopefully the show will pick up.

Boo for Emilio's actions on Jersey Shore. When Snooki tried to give him another chance, stating that she hung out with her 'gay friends,' he got mad and said he was going to go on a date with lesbians. Really, Emilio? Very mature. Although it seems that he was already over the relationship and was simply looking for a way out. Nice work, Emilio, using Snooki for some fame and then dropping her like a brick in front of the world on an episode of Jersey Shore. Snooki deserves better than that! (We love Jersey Shore!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Touching Episode of "I'm Pregnant and..."

This week's "I'm Pregnant and..." featured a woman who is HIV positive.

Her situation was scary - she dated a man who lied to her about having HIV. He told her that he had a brain infection when symptoms occurred. She found out from his mother that he had AIDS and had known before their relationship began.

She got tested and the test came back negative. She then got into a new relationship and explained her situation to her new boyfriend. They decided to get pregnant. During the course of her pregnancy, Tashala took a series of blood tests. One was an HIV test, and it came out positive.

Her now-husband stuck by her. It was amazing. He took an HIV test and it came out negative. They are now expecting another baby. Their fear is that they will pass on the HIV virus to the baby.

It's touching to see how responsible Tashala is. She's taking her medications to minimize the presence of the virus, and she's doing her best to stay healthy for her baby. She's dealing with so much guilt knowing that she may pass the virus on to her baby, and the baby will suffer. However, she's pressing on and continuing to survive and live her life.

I give Tashala and her husband so much credit. They are facing a tough situation that occurred from a mistake. They face sickness, alienation from friends, and so much more, but they are facing it head on.

The baby, fortunately, was born HIV negative. It was a major relief for the family, and understandably so.

This episode of "I'm Pregnant and..." is touching and is definitely a must watch episode.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bret Michaels, A 'True Beauty' Contestant and 'Real Housewives of NJ' Finale

Tonight on TV is the Miss Universe pageant. While I like beauty pageants, Miss Universe was extra awesome because Bret Michaels is a host! This makes sense, as he won Celebrity Apprentice, and Miss Universe is a Donald Trump owned pageant. In any case, I was very happy to see Bret Michaels hosting the Miss Universe pageant. I bet he wasn't too upset about the opportunity - he's surrounded by over 80 beauty queens!

Most of this year's Miss Universe judges weren't necessarily noteworthy, except for Criss Angel! Who knew? It makes sense because he's a Vegas guy, but still surprising - and maybe acting as a pageant host to try to attract Criss Angel fans as viewers.

Donald Trump made a point of saying that the pageant contestants would be showing off their sexy bikinis. This is quite a change from the controversy that occurred a few years ago, which protested the fact that bathing suit contests were featured in beauty pageants. I guess we're in more of a reality TV universe now, where overexposure translates directly into ratings.

This year on Miss Universe, Miss Australia was the second runner up, and Miss Jamaica was the first runner up. Miss Mexico took the crown and became Miss Universe 2010. Congrats, Miss Mexico!

Tonight on "Dating in the Dark," we'll see Billy Jeffrey, a "True Beauty" contestant, date in the dark. This raises a question - did Billy really learn a lesson on "True Beauty" about dating for personality, not looks, or is he just out for another slice of reality pie? I would say that we'll see, but really, we'll probably never know.

Tonight is "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" finale. On this episode, Danielle Staub will receive a text message from Caroline Manzo, which from the previews, looks like it leads to a war. Also, the women will promise to stay away from Danielle forever. We'll see what happens next season. Oh, if they're going to stay away from Danielle, does that mean we can have Dina back?

This season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" has been pretty good. Nothing beats Teresa's table flipping episode last season, but I have enjoyed watching Danielle go from crazy to crazier this season, and I've loved seeing Teresa's extravagant lifestyle. (Despite the fact that she's bankrupt.)

Note: Did you know Teresa earns $3,333 per month for filming "Housewives"? Not bad at all!

Rumor has it that Danielle Staub has been fired from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." It's also stated that she's now trying to sell a reality show about her life. Do I think "Housewives" will be as dramatic without Danielle? No. Do I think it has a great opportunity to go in a new direction that doesn't entirely focus on Danielle? Absolutely. Do I think she'll get a new reality show? Probably. Will I watch it? Ugh, no!

Real Housewives Finale Episode Update

This week on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Danielle asked her children for advice on the drama she has with the Manzo family. The children should have no part of this. In fact, the kids even realize that their mom should have no part of this!

Caroline's goal was to get the legal case against Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, dropped. However, things went terribly wrong. While Caroline booked a room for a private chat, Danielle made a note that she brought men with guns. Oh, goodness.

The Danielle / Caroline discussion started out nice but got nasty. It ended with Caroline calling Danielle a clown, and Danielle making a remark about Caroline's red hair, implying that she is the clown. It was quite childish of Danielle.

It's sad that the Danielle issue is tearing Ashley and her mom Jacqueline apart. It shouldn't be like that. Parents and kids unfortunately do have emotional barriers, but something like the mutual dislike of an outside party shouldn't cause this rift.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Danielle has a sex tape with a mystery man which is being marketed by Hustler. I would definitely say this is a publicity stunt. It was listed in the closing remarks along with the fact that Danielle is writing a memoir and released a pop song.

Oh, Real Housewives of NJ, I love watching your show!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Undercover Boss: White Castle

This week's "Undercover Boss" featured an executive from White Castle working at the White Castle bakery, frozen factory and several food service locations. This episode was particularly notable because the executive was a legacy - he inherited his position from being the great grandson of the company's founder. It turns out, he was incredibly disconnected from the everyday workings of White Castle's operations.

The executive, Dave Rife, was pretty awful at a lot of the jobs that he was assigned to do. In fact, he was so bad that he caused tons of waste. (This caused me to laugh because his coworker said that 'waste feeds the hogs,' but really, this influenced me to think about how much of a pig I feel like when I eat White Castle food.)

This episode of "Undercover Boss" wasn't as uplifting as the 1-800-Flowers episode. While the show did create good public relations for the company, it also showed a negative side. We saw a negative side of the company, including bad local management and unhappy workers. Not that working at a cash register is supposed to be thrilling, but there was a lot of craziness behind the counter at White Castle stores.

In the end, the episode of "Undercover Boss" was a good one because it was very real. Unlike the 1-800-Flowers "Undercover Boss" episode, we saw a lot of gritty stuff that happens at White Castle. This episode wasn't as neat and clean. It didn't end with perfect sunshine and flowers like the 1-800-Flowers episode did; it had more reality behind it.

It was notable that the owner stated that he used to have a weight problem. Honestly? Is anyone surprised? He works for White Castle, the land of fatty cheeseburgers and encouragement to stuff your face with Crave Cases. At the end of the episode, Dave states that he wants to create a wellness program, but seriously? How is that even possible when you give employees free White Castle food to eat for lunch? I'm not convinced that there is one healthy option on the White Castle menu.

Overall, this was a good "Undercover Boss" episode, but I wasn't as enamored as I was with the 1-800-Flowers episode.

Boo & Woo for the Week Ending 8/22/10

Woo for affordable celebrity fashion lines. I like the fact that recent celebrity fashion lines are affordable, and aimed toward the tween and teen markets, who change their styles on a day-to-day basis. While most clothes aren't made of super high quality materials, that's okay, because teenagers don't need expensive clothing. I also like that many of the teen celebrity fashion lines are designed by (or at least marketed with the name of) teenage celebrities. For example, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have fashion lines. The lines are for teens, by teens - it makes sense. Also, new Target collaborations will be appearing soon, including Justin Timberlake's line, William Rast.

Woo for Jesse Freidin, a photographer who photographed dogs (safely, not harming any of them) in Lady Gaga inspired looks. These photographs will make you smile, and pay homage to our current favorite lady of outrageous fashion. In case you were wondering, by the way, Lady Gaga just passed Britney Spears as the most followed person on Twitter. Can she maintain the honor? Only time will tell.

Woo for Bukisa! Okay, this is a personal one, but my favorite fashion blogger, Gina, posted a link to my Bukisa article about Forever 21's maternity line, Love 21 Maternity, and my Bukisa earnings skyrocketed. Gina helped to create my most profitable day on Bukisa ever. For those who don't know, Bukisa is a website where you can write articles about anything you want. After that, you can sit back and relax, and watch the earnings roll in. Bukisa pays based on page views, and earnings are residual. So, you simply write an article, promote it a bit if you want, and wait for people to read it. When they do, you make money. It is pretty awesome. I've made a decent amount so far and look forward to earning more.

Woo for new cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is one of my least favorite of the Housewives franchise (second to The Real Housewives of DC), and I hope this steps up the show. This season, I won't be tardy for the party to meet the new cast member. (Bad Kim Zolciak joke, I know!)

Boo for 12 Duggar kids having chicken pox all at once! Fortunately, mom Michelle is away with baby Josie. It would not be wise to let the littlest Duggar be exposed to the chicken pox epidemic. (Also, boo for the Duggars wanting more kids - 19 is more than enough!)

Boo for the Sammi and Ronnie drama on Jersey Shore. I like hearing Snooki's drama and words of wisdom. I also like the weird new vocabulary we acquire, like grenades, GTL, and things of that sort. However, the Sammi and Ronnie drama is getting old. I love you, I hate you, I love you...make up your minds already! On a related note, Snooki will face additional charges, mainly for being annoying, in court.

Boo for Tyra Banks trying so hard. First, she's pushed Top Model into a new, high-fashion bracket for the upcoming season. Here's the thing - America's Next Top Model is not high fashion. I highly doubt that anyone coming from that show will amount to anything above everyday model standards. Then, she came under fire for complimenting a model's small waist. Why not compliment her style? Her presentation? Complimenting her thinness makes sense in modeling, but America's Next Top Model isn't really about modeling, it's about reality television. Okay, honestly, I know I'm being too hard on Tyra, I'm just not a fan. Modeling is about small waists, and I would be thrilled to have a waist as small as a model's. I think I'm just jealous. However, I stand by the fact that I am not a Tyra fan. Tyra is all about Tyra, and that drives me nuts.

Boo for Spencer Pratt selling a sex tape of himself and soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi Montag to video production companies. This is a 'boo' not only because it's shady, but also because it just reeks of being a publicity stunt. Plus, it's even worse because Spencer started the rumor about Lauren Conrad's alleged sex tape (which never materialized), and now he's willing to sell out his own (ex) wife in the same way!

Totally random: Please follow Jen's blog. She's a new blogger and I'm encouraging her to post frequently!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jersey Shore: Snooki's Words of Wisdom

Summary of This Week's (8/19/10) Jersey Shore

Before we begin, here's a quick Jersey Shore episode synopsis: Snooki and Emilio had a fight, then Emilio told Snooki that he cheated on her with another girl. The Jersey Shore cast planned a family dinner, and again, food was dropped on the floor. Sammi and Ronnie fought, and the girls hid the news about Ronnie's 'creeping' behind Sam's back...until dinner that is, when Angelina spilled some info, and it only got worse from there. During a game, Ronnie was asked if he'd ever cheated on a girlfriend, and things got super awkward. Ouch. Later, Snooki and J-Woww wrote an 'anonymous' letter to Sammi to let her know about Ronnie's three-way kiss and other madness. Meanwhile, Sammi put Angelina on the spot and asked her about Ronnie's actions. Angelina didn't want to cause drama, but she kind of got stuck in that situation.

This week on Jersey Shore, Snooki shared some words of wisdom:

Guys don't know how to treat girls, and that's why the 'lesbian rate' is going up in this country.

Um...Snooki...while not all people agree on why people are lesbians (a choice, genetics, etc.), I highly doubt bad men are a leading cause. Girls are just as bad as guys in our own ways!

I do feel bad for Snooki, though, because she learned, which all of us Jersey Shore watchers later heard, that her boyfriend Emilio slept with another girl. Ouch. Sorry, Snooki! To go along with that news, word has it now that Snooki's current boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, tried out to be on Jersey Shore. So, is he really into Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, or is he in this for the Jersey Shore fame? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he really is into Snooki. I mean, of course people will say he's in this for the fame, just by virtue of his existence. We'll see, though.

Some Scipted Television: Melissa & Joey

Melissa and Joey

I watched the new ABC Family show, "Melissa and Joey." This show stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. If you remember, they played a pretty convincing couple in the ABC Family movie "My Fake Fiance."

Aside from a very forced plot line, "Melissa and Joey" is quite enjoyable. In this show, Melissa Joan Hart plays Aunt Mel, a single politician who is forced to take in her sister's two teenage kids. Joey Longo, played by Joey Lawrence, is an unemployed businessman who forces his way into a job as Mel's nanny. Mel is fighting her way through dating, and has a wacky friend as a sidekick. Joey's going through a messy divorce with a woman who only wanted him for his money. The show allows us to watch Joey make Mel's broken family whole again.

What makes "Melissa and Joey" unique is that it's risky for ABC Family. Not only do they say 'crap' several times, but they highlight the fact that Lennox, Mel's niece, wrote a poem making fun of Principal Lunt...and the main theme of the poem rhymed with Ms. Lunt's last name. They don't actually say the word, but you get it. 'Melissa and Joey' also highlights the fact that Joey's ex-wife, Tiffany, had giant breasts.

Overall, "Melissa and Joey" was a fun to watch show. It's a feel-good comedy that wraps up neatly at the end of each episode. You won't feel stressed or overwhelmed with this comedy, and you'll enjoy watching stars from your childhood act in adult roles. (Remember these? Clarissa Explains It All, Blossom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch?)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bad Joke & A Pregnancy Show Tackling Common Reality Televion Topics

Okay, here's a bad "19 Kids and Counting" joke:

Q: What do Bill Gates and Gil Bates have in common, aside from confusing names to people with dyslexia?
A: One has 17 billion dollars, the other has 17 kids!

(Insert corny groan here.) Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it! I'm not even sure how many billions Bill Gates has, but the Bates family does have 17 kids (with the eighteenth on the way). They've almost gotten caught up with the Duggars!

To make this somewhat relevant, the Duggar family visited the Bates family on "19 Kids and Counting" this week. The Bates family, believe it or not, only had two bathrooms for all of their family members before they began their renovation. Is that crazy or what? Their updated house will have six bathrooms and a play jail house. Yes, a pretend jail play house. I guess that's fun for kids...sort of.

I'm Pregnant and..."

"I'm Pregnant and..." is really hitting on the reality show golden topics these days. A few weeks ago, we saw a couple give birth to a dwarf (their words, not mine). This week, the topic is that the woman is pregnant and a hoarder! What's next, I'm pregnant and a chocolatier? (Get it? Because so many reality shows these days are about little people, hoarders and chocolatiers / bakers / chefs? You know, like the show "The Little Chocolatiers?") Anyway, this show, as always, is awesome and a great show to watch. Although I'm not sure that being a hoarder is quite as serious as the powerful episodes about being in jail or facing drug addiction. Still, this show is good to watch...and makes me want to clean my home!

Tonight's Teen Mom & Farrah's Baby's Father's Story

This week on Teen Mom...

This week on Teen Mom, we got a glimpse of Farrah's mom, Debbie, doing her community service, which she earned for assaulting Farrah. I actually felt bad for her. While I don't doubt she did assault Farrah, we don't know what events led up to the event. I hope everything works out well for Farrah and her family.

We also saw Gary dressed up as an Easter bunny. It was amazing! He really goes above and beyond to show his love for his family. Props, Gary! Amber - he's a great guy. I hope you two make it work...despite the fact that you told him to leave and never propose to you again.

Maci introduced Bentley to her boyfriend Kyle, and it went well. Maci is such a wonderful mom. I hope this relationship works for both her and Bentley.

Tyler identified the fact that many of his issues are internal, and not attributed to Catelynn's behaviors. It would be a shame to see Catelynn and Tyler break up, but it's starting to seem like a lifelong relationship isn't in the cards for the two of them.

Farrah tried to sell her car on Craigslist, and unfortunately, she got scammed. She ended up providing $3,000 to ship her car to its new owner, which put her bank account into the negative due to the scam payment. Poor Farrah! She really didn't deserve that. Then again, she shouldn't have put any money out for the car purchase until she knew the money officially hit her account.

The story of Farrah's baby's father...

As we learn more about the backstory behind baby Sophia's father, it's not surprising that we became curious about what happened with Farrah's ex-boyfriend. Well, as it turns out, Farrah and her boyfriend weren't doing so well during her pregnancy. Tragically, her baby's father, Derek Underwood, passed away in a car accident. There was alcohol involved in the death, making the story even more tragic.

It's strange to hear Farrah's story unfold. During her 16 and Pregnant episode, she seemed to be angry at her baby's father. However, there was no mention of his passing. I wonder if her anger at her boyfriend was based on her mother's insistence or they were genuinely angry on their own terms. It seems that Farrah isn't in touch with her late boyfriend's family. I wonder if they want contact with Sophia in memory of their late child.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Night Reality TV Madness!

Bachelor Pad

"Bachelor Pad" brought us a very intellectual, thought-provoking challenge this week. Just kidding. Did you actually believe me?

It was a pie eating contest.

This was fun, and disgusting, to watch. People were gagging as they chomped down on pies (hands free!) and let's just say that throwing up was a suitable option...for more than one person.

The rest of the episode was the same scheming, crazy antics we expect from the Bachelor Pad castmates. There really isn't much else to say. Although writing "Jesse Beck" on all of the papers for the romantic date was crafty!

Jesse S. and Craig were kicked out of the Bachelor Pad in the end, which was a surprise upset to the plan to eliminate Kiptyn.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

This week, Danielle congratulated herself on being a good mom. Meanwhile, it looks as if her daughter Christine is more of an adult than Danielle. Danielle spends so much time talking about how awful the Laurita, Manzo and Giudice families are, I wonder what time she has left to be a mom. And, she also pronounces 'panini' really strangely. Just saying.

The Italy trip wasn't as exciting as I imagined it would be. I'm sure it was an amazing trip for the New Jersey housewives, but by the time it came our way, the excitement was gone. The food did look phenomenal, though. It puts my Bagel Bites dinners to shame!

It was hilarious when Jacqueline pointed out that hiking would be a problem with "babies and old people." She outright said that there were 'old people' with them on the trip! What happened to the term 'elderly'? I'm surprised that nobody even had a reaction.

Next week on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we'll watch Caroline and Danielle face off. Bravo claims that it'll be the 'one final time,' but something tells me season three of The Real Housewives will bring yet another series of arguments.

Dating in the Dark

You know when the chocolate chip cookies in your cupboard are kind of stale, but you're still craving chocolate so you eat them anyway? That's how I feel about "Dating in the Dark." On this episode, "Dating in the Dark" tried to stir things up by featuring a contestant who makes her money from her looks. Really, though, does that twist anything at all? The show is, after all, about dating in the dark...until you see the other person's looks at the end. I didn't see this as much of a twist, but it definitely was a way to attract fans of this woman (a Maxim model named Summer) to watch the show.

And a Jersey Shore Update...

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro found himself in a not-so-fun situation when he got arrested for unpaid parking tickets. Really, Ronnie? Unpaid parking tickets? At least Snooki got arrested for lewd behavior - you can totally avoid having unpaid parking tickets! You make like, $10,000 per episode, you can afford to pay your parking fees. What would Sammi say, Ronnie?

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Steven Slater Snags Slice of Reality Pie

Steven Slater, the man who got into an altercation with a passenger while working as a JetBlue flight attendant, then drank a beer and exited by way of the emergency slide, has been offered a reality show. The topic? How to quit your job.

Seriously, America, what does this teach us? Do something utterly ridiculous at work and get rewarded? Don't get me wrong, I'm a reality TV junkie, but this is a bit much even for me. This guy tarnished (or maybe enhanced) the reputation of his employer, JetBlue, and he's being rewarded with instant fame.

This is the reason we have people like Octomom! Instant fame!

Anyway, the show will feature people quitting their jobs in extreme ways. I'm not sure how Steven Slater will fit into this - maybe as a host? And how are people going to quit their jobs without their employers knowing that their exit is staged? They'll have to sign releases to get the cameras in the building and their bosses on camera!

Maybe I'm just a cynic. Steven Slater, it's your turn to prove this reality television blogger wrong.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Popping Up With Some Pop Culture

Even though this blog is primarily about reality television, there are some other pop culture topics that are worth talking about.

I love that military jackets are in this season. Gina, a fantastic fashion blogger, brought this up in one of her recent posts. Fortunately, there are lots of soldier and military jackets at reasonable prices these days, so there's no reason not to pick one up. The advice I have for military styles it to wear the longer versions if you have hips - the short versions cut at the waist and can cause you to lose your curves.

Juicy Couture is taken steps outside of their traditional territory. Bird by Juicy Couture is a new, higher-end line of Juicy Couture products. These seem to be simpler and more mature than their traditional Juicy counterparts. Do I love this stuff? Yes. Would I ever pay the outrageous prices? No way.

Juicy is also bringing in Erin Fetherston to design a line, with clothing making its debut for the 2010 holidays. Apparently, Juicy Couture clothing is being dropped from Nordstrom due to style and fit issues. Step it up, Juicy Couture! We love Erin Fetherston, so let's see how this works out.

The debut of the Jimmy Choo & Uggs collaboration is getting closer! (For the record, all Jimmy Choo fans should really read The Towering World of Jimmy Choo - it's fantastic!) The Jimmy Choo / Uggs collaboration will begin with a $595 price tag, so I'm sure I won't buy these shoes, but I want to see what they'll look like!

I've been talking to lots of people about the Forever 21 maternity line controversy. Most people are in favor of the affordable maternity clothing, and agree that cute maternity clothes do not encourage teens to have babies.

Designer sale sites have been amazing lately, probably due in part to lowered sales due to the economy. On these sites, I've gotten amazing designer dresses for $30 or less. I've also gotten shoes, tableware, and wall art. I got a Juicy Couture bathing suit for less than $50 and an Oleg Cassini dress for about $30. I'm stocking up my fall wardrobe for next to nothing. It's amazing!

After winning a contest, Gabi Gregg was selected to tweet on MTV's behalf, at a ridiculous salary of $100K. While the job is still new, it doesn't seem as if Gabi's doing such a great job. We'll see if she improves or MTV cans this Twitter madness going forward.

MSN brought us a list of television shows that seemingly ripped each other off. It's pretty interesting. Of course, we all know about "Wife Swap" and "Trading Spouses", but did you know there are two shows, one named "Flip This House" and the other named "Flip That House?"

In reality TV news, I tried watching "Big Brother" today and enjoyed it! I never really watched it, but today's episode was pretty good. Now, I'm giving "Undercover Boss" a try. I've never seen it before, but I like it so far. It's interesting to see a high level executive come down and work with the staff. It makes sense, but is still surprising, how far removed the executive staff members of an organization are from the everyday people on the floor. I liked learning how the show explained the camera crew following the new potential employee - they claimed that he's an out of work painter filming a reality show about out-of-work individuals.

This week on "Undercover Boss", we saw an executive at 1-800-Flowers visit a local store in South Plainfield, NJ. We saw a floral designer unknowingly tell the company executive that the company designs were stale and no longer relevant. It was funny to watch because the executives are a bit older, so it makes sense that the creations match their generational expertise, but it was still cringe-worthy to see the young designer say those things! I felt bad for the designer - she knew she could do better, she knew what was happening in the flower industry, and she was going to floral training by spending her own money. It's strange to look into that side of the industry, because when we order flowers from companies like 1-800-Flowers, we don't think about the people making the arrangements or the executives planning the business. We just want our flowers to be pretty and available when we want them.

After the flower shop, the executive, Chris McCann, visited a chocolate shop. He was appalled to find out that the management team at the shop is not talking to the floor staff and rewarding them for good work. He commended the management skills of an employee, but was not thrilled to know that her boss was not doing the same.

At his third stop as the undercover boss, Mr. McCann ran into a person he knew. Fortunately, he was able to pull the person aside and tell him not to blow his cover.

"Undercover Boss" really is a must watch show, and teaches us a lesson about what really happens - and what should be happening - in corporate America.

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Woo and Boo Review for the Week ending 8/15/10

Woo for the premiere of "Bachelor Pad" on ABC. Also, props to E! for airing the "True Hollywood Story" featuring former bachelor contestants. Special woo for featuring my favorite Bachelor contestant, Erica Rose.

Woo for the continuation of "Degrassi: The Boiling Point. This allows me to get a full batch of Degrassi episodes out of the way in a short period of time, rather than in the new one week, then skip a few, then back again format. Degrassi is one of those shows we hate to love, so it's best to watch it all at once, rather than dragging it out over time.

Woo for Tony Danza's upcoming reality show. The show, which will air on A&E, has a strange but interesting concept. He'll be teaching urban 10th grade kids. Looks like it might be interesting!

Woo for the girls on Jersey Shore reaching out to Angelina to make peace. Instead of being mean girls, the Jersey Shore "Guidettes" (their word, not mine) should try to get along! Girls should stick together, not put each other down. That being said, I have to laugh at the claim made by Snooki (our favorite reality train wreck turned bobble head doll) that she's too pretty to be in jail. Then again, maybe there's something to be said for that. Toddler and Tiaras taught us the similar, important lesson that 'it's harder for a jury to convict a pretty person.' Oh, the things we learn on reality TV.

Boo for the possibility of "20 Kids and Counting" hitting the airwaves. The Duggar family stated that they would have more kids if they were blessed with them. Isn't it enough that your first grandchild is younger than your youngest child? Or your youngest was born severely premature? I understand that children are a blessing, but Michelle, if anything happened to you, would your older kids be forced to raise the younger kids?

Boo for a statement spoken on VH1's Money Hungry. I'm not sure if I was watching a rerun, but still, this is worth noting. A male contestant had a crush on a dynamic female named Jamie. His setback? His team partner had a crush on him. So, how did he describe the problem? He said something like, "The football player has to date the cheerleader, not the girl in the band." Say what? This proves, once again, that high school is forever. He could have said "I really like Jamie, and while my partner is fantastic, she's not my type." Way to bring this all back to the high school level, and how are you the football player, anyway, dude? I just don't see it.

Boo for The Real Housewives of DC being such a letdown. We expected more after the Michaele and Tareq controversy. Step it up, Real Housewives! You're sinking! Step back up to the amazing drama we saw on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of New York.

Boo for Kara DioGuardi learning that she'd been fired from American Idol through a newspaper article. Sorry, Kara! It might be good that you escaped now, though, because American Idol has jumped the shark, gotten eaten by said shark, came back to life and is preparing to jump the shark again.