Monday, July 19, 2010

You're Cut Off: We Have to do WHAT?

On You're Cut Off this week, most of the girls really met the challenge - not without freaking out at first, of course. This week's assignment was to help cook at a homeless shelter and get to know the guests at the shelter. The girls seemed really impressed with the people at the shelter. This encounter helped them move past their fears and understand that just because someone is homeless does not mean that the person is not a good human being. Then, the girls had to sell their own possessions for charity, and surprisingly, they stepped it up.

Of course, despite the positivity and progress, there was a negative. Gia was her usual mean-girl self. She said, "I don't even serve my husband food, and I'm going to sit here and serve homeless?" Have some compassion, Gia! I think almost everyone has some mean girl in them, but at least understand when you should step outside of your insecurities and help others. Gia did actually break down eventually and learn from the homeless guests, which was nice. She did share her story about how she felt that her daughter ruined her life. However, I'm not yet convinced that she's changed for the long run. I'm especially unconvinced due to next week's preview - it looks like Gia won't accept the condition her husband sets forth for her return.

I was actually disappointed in Erica. She donated one of her tiaras, but seemingly only to upset Gia. She also sabotaged the sale of Gia's hookah simply so she could win the competition. Her team didn't win, which in a sense, proves that negativity and lying is not the best way to reach your goal.

I have to give credit to Jessica and Courtnee. Jessica worked her butt of at the homeless shelter, and Courtnee stood up to Gia when she was being a mean girl towards Pam, Jaqueline and Erica. Jessica really interacted well with the people at the shelter and even got to know some people. This was a huge step for her. She really learned from the people at the shelter and internalized their message.

Courtnee defended Gia after she learned about why Gia acts the way she does. Courtnee did not have to do that, and I give her so much credit for doing so.

Jessica defending Erica at the group session just about blew my mind. I gained so much respect for Jessica then. She could have easily trashed Erica, as they've had their differences, but she seemed to genuinely note Erica's progress.

Next week is the You're Cut Off season finale. I am so excited to see how things turn out.

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