Sunday, July 11, 2010

You're Cut Off: Oh, Chrissy!

Chrissy was kicked off "You're Cut Off" this week. Do I blame Laura Baron for letting her go? Absolutely not. Chrissy was so self-centered and disrespectful that it was ridiculous. Did you see how Chrissy said she loves everything about herself and that she's completely beautiful? What a narcissist. Seriously.

I give Pamela a lot of credit for standing up to the mean girls this week. Up until now, Pamela did not get a lot of airtime, but she certainly earned her time to shine this week. Props to you, Pamela!

The girls seemed to be getting along better with Erica this week. I'm glad because Erica didn't deserve all of the negativity she was shown to date.

I can't believe I haven't noted this yet - has anyone seen the spelling of Courtnee's name? What's wrong with the traditional spelling, Courtney? I really dislike the 'ee' spelling at the end of names when it isn't necessary. I once knew a Brittnee, whose name was in the same genre. What's wrong with Brittany or even Britney? Seriously, Courtnee? Brittnee? Ugh!

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