Sunday, July 11, 2010

You're Cut Off: Erica Actually is Smart!

Did you know that Erica Rose from "You're Cut Off" was a contestant on The Bachelor: Rome? On this website, she states that she was the producer's favorite, which earned her airtime (although not a rose). She isn't nearly as dumb on this show, but she does generate a lot of controversy, which to be fair, is what gives you airtime.

She's also very funny. She said on "The Bachelorette", it was like being on Survivor.

According to the website about Erica linked above, she actually is in law school in Houston. This source elaborates to say that she is at the University of Houston with a graduation date in 2011.

What do you think? I think Erica Rose really is an intelligent woman who is taking us all along for the ride of her life. I'm not necessarily sure she's cut out for law school, but I'd like her to prove me wrong! I think entertainment law, her chosen career path, is a good option for her, and I hope she does get cast in the Judge Judy type show that she wants. I want to see more of Ms. Erica Rose!

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