Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wife Swap: Prim and Proper Perfection meets Mud Racing Madness

This week on Wife Swap, a family that lives by the rules of perfect etiquette faced off with a family that focused on mud racing and being dirty. This episode was pretty typical for Wife Swap, but this time, I couldn't decide which family I favored. Typically, there's one family that I agree with and one that I don't see as even remotely correct. This time, they both had their merits and negatives.

The McLeesh family was very rigid. I loved how the family focused on etiquette, involvement in activities and being well rounded. However, the kids seemed miserable. Everything was about rules. Parents were parents, but not at all friends. The kids craved free time, but were only given structure.

The O'Dell family focused on mud racing and family unity. This family is fun. They are happy, the parents and kids are best friends, and the family members know what they like. The negative? I wonder if the kids were even exposed to other parts of life - were they given the option to take dance class? To love fashion? To be girly? I'm not convinced. That being said, they are happy, so I really can't criticize.

Most notable to me were the names of the O'Dell children. These kids come from a family that believes in messiness and madness. Essentially, this family was not into femininity. However, their kids' names defy this. The kids were named Brittanie and Kayla.

To me, this name screams femininity. Not only is it the name Brittany, but it carries an even more feminine twist - being ended with an 'ie' instead of a 'y'.

This name is also feminine. It ends in an the 'a' sound, which is typical of many feminine names.

I guess I'm just surprised that the girls don't have more unisex names, like Morgan or Jordan. For a family that focuses so little on femininity, their children have quite feminine names.

The McLeesh names made more sense: Jenae and Jasmine. Jenae is a bit less etiquette-based than I expected, but Jasmine definitely fits the bill of an etiquette obsessed family.

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Anonymous said...

Prim and proper husband acted so LOW CLASS in the show the prim and proper wife must have been mortified. How embarrassing for such a etiquette driven family to act so low class. Rosa you may want to put your husband back in etiquette school.