Monday, July 26, 2010

Ways to Save Cash and Live Like a TV Star (Sort of, Anyway)

As a reality TV lover, I need to support my expensive cable TV habit. As such, here are two money saving things that I love:

This one's for the fashion lovers. For the next week or so, RueLaLa is offering everyone who signs up a $10 credit on their account to use towards a purchase. When you refer people and they purchase, you earn even more credits. Before you know it, you'll get tons of free stuff. RueLaLa is one of the discount designer websites that I love. (See this site for all of the designer sale sites that I love.) Shopping from these sites will allow you to wear the same brands that celebrities wear, like Juicy Couture, Alice & Olivia, and Kitson, for a fraction of the price of expensive designer clothing. All websites only sell legitimate items. The clothing is inexpensive (or less expensive than normal) because it is last year's merchandise or on clearance. But seriously, a Louis Vuitton is a Louis Vuitton, even if it is last year's model!

This one's for the practical shoppers.
Students are entitled to join Amazon Student, which allows students to obtain free two-day shipping for a year on products. The best part? You get student-related email offers from, and as noted earlier, it's free. This service is $79 a year for non-students. Even if you do pay for the service, it is totally worth it. I've subscribed to it, and let's just say this service helped me buy many last minute birthday and holiday presents without the hassle of paying for shipping or waiting for long shipping times. I love this and recommend it 100%. If you're going back to school, Amazon has great back to school deals for everyone from preschoolers to middle schoolers to college students. Seriously, Amazon got me through college - from books to supplies to dorm stuff, I absolutely loved it.

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keLLy said...

I just found your blog from "follow me back Tuesday"

I love reality tv shows. I am definitely a junkie.

So I am happy I found your blog and I look forward to reading.