Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Teen Mom' and 'I'm Pregnant and...'

The new season of Teen Mom premiered on MTV last night. The opening episode was surprising. Here's a quick recap:

- Due to a violent episode with her mom and the court order afterward, Farrah moved into the guest house across the street from her house after her mom hit her. So, wait, they have a guest house? I know this isn't the point, but Farrah's been fighting for independence, and they had a guest house she could live in the whole time? In any case, it's a shame that the issues between Farrah and her mom escalated to the point that they did. It would be wonderful if things get better between them.

- Catelynn and Tyler, last season's golden couple, showed cracks in the foundation of their relationship. It looks like their relationship is going to end, and it's going to be Tyler's decision.

- Amber thought she was pregnant. Fortunately, she wasn't. I don't mean that it's good because of their relationship, but both Amber and Gary lost their jobs, so supporting a second baby is not an option.

- Maci and Ryan had child support issues, mainly that Ryan wasn't paying any. I think Maci is fantastic and it's terrible that she's going through this. Maci's storyline was by far the least dramatic of the bunch.

I'm Pregnant and... was also on last night. This week's episode featured a husband and wife who may be having a baby who is a dwarf. (Dwarf is their word, not mine.) The husband is a dwarf, the wife is not. I love this couple. They were fantastic. They were such strong, mature, loving people. This shows that people may be different (physically or by having tattoos and such) and are still fantastic, amazing people. I can't say enough about how loving and accepting this couple is. Their families were also great. I hope they have wonderful lives and overcome any obstacles that are thrown their way. I think their episode of I'm Pregnant and... will mean a lot to many people.

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