Monday, July 26, 2010

On You're Cut Off, Something Miraculous Happened!

On the season finale of VH1's "You're Cut Off," something miraculous happened.

Erica and Gia got along.

I know, seriously! Who would have thought? Granted, it involved them bashing Pam at some point, but still. They put their differences aside and got along. Crazy!

Here's a list of who made it through the "You're Cut Off" season and their outcome in the program:

Jess was required to find a job and do laundry. Her mom committed to only paying for her essentials. Jessica did not like the idea of having to pay for her own tanning. She said tanning would help her get a job. Jessica accepted the terms and was admitted back into her home. She graduated. Jess put her negativity with Pam behind her and moved forward. Jessica really changed - you go girl!

Courtnee: Courtnee must decide where she wants to live and relocate to that location. Courtnee has to start paying her bills. Courtnee accepted the conditions and graduated. She was later given money as a graduation gift and encouraged to shop. I'm not sure that's the right message to give her right after graduation, but it did make her happy.

Leanne: Leanne was required to go back to nursing school. She also had to only keep one credit card with a limit of only $500 a month. Leanne gladly accepted, denounced her need for material things and graduated. Leanne made a huge change that was evident from her great attitude.

Amber: We didn't really see much of Amber on "You're Cut Off," did we? I don't really remember much about her, which to be honest, is a good thing. This means she wasn't a drama queen. Amber was given one year to move out and get her own place. Her terms were pretty light, but this matches her non-dramatic attitude. Amber accepted the terms and graduated.

Pam: Pam was advised to find herself. She was entirely cut off by her parents. (I doubt that will last, but whatever!) Pam accepted the terms and graduated from the "You're Cut Off" program. The end of the show made fun of Pam's use of the word "main-doon" instead of "mundane." It was great.

Erica: Erica's mom complimented her to no end, and simply asked Erica to clean up after herself. She has to put her clothes, shoes and dishes away. As such, she graduated by accepting the terms. Seriously, though, all she has to do is put her shoes away! This is not a tough task. Despite the fact that Erica has to do practically nothing despite Laura's recommendations, one thing I admired is that Erica and her mom clearly have a wonderful, understanding relationship. Erica will stick to her rules, I'm sure, because she practically doesn't have any!

Jaqueline: Jackie was told that she will need to move out and pay her own bills. Jaqueline accepted the terms and even admitted that it was time for the changes. Jackie happily graduated and pledged to try her best.

Gia: Gia asked for more sex from her husband. This is a fair request! However, her husband had requests as well: Gia has to take care of the baby, cook, do the laundry, and do general upkeep of the home. Her husband wanted to let go of the housekeeper. Gia did not accept the terms. Gia said she would stay home to cook once a week if she could keep the housekeeper. At that point, her husband accepted and Gia graduated. Still, I'm not convinced that Gia has changed since she got nasty discussing the requests. Of all people, I think Gia will return to her old ways. I hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell. It was noted that Gia's husband did not stick to his terms.

I am proud of this round of VH1 divas! Many of them have come a long way and become better people. Props to the "You're Cut Off" cast members!

On another note, I watched an episode of "Whose Wedding Is It, Anyway?" The episode featured sisters who shared a wedding. They certainly had their differences, but they overcame them. Their wedding was beautiful. The noticeable thing for me was the name choices for the girls. The older girl was Jaton, and the younger girl was Javonne. I am interested in the matching names, but even more interested in the non-matching spellings. I wonder why Jaton ended in just the 'on,' whereas Javonne ended in 'onne.' Maybe the parents had a spelling change of heart.

On "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," we learn that Danielle is throwing a Sweet Sixteen party for her daughter. Three hundred and fifty people will be in attendance. I'm sorry, Danielle, I thought you were broke. I'm confused!

Danielle also talks about how she thinks her daughter Jillian will be a rock star. I'm not convinced yet based on tonight's performance, but Jillian, keep writing your songs, girl! You're 11 years old now. Practice your singing, practice your songwriting, and take your reality television fame to the record studio.

How awkward did Danielle's ex-husband, Tom Staub, look when Danielle was hugging him? Oh, my goodness.

During this Real Housewives episode, we learned the next series in the 'Real Housewives' franchise: The Real Housewives of DC. Look for a sneak preview during this week's "Bethenny Getting Married?"

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