Sunday, July 4, 2010

House Hunters International

Happy July 4th to all of the Americans out there! Despite the fact that today is an American holiday, I want to talk about a feel-good reality show that I love: House Hunters International. In this show, you see some people looking to move from America or Canada to foreign countries, or people moving within their own foreign countries.

This show is very informative for those who like semi-educational (yet entertaining) programming. On this show, I've learned so much about different cultures, the home prices in different areas and the architectural styles of homes in different regions. My favorite episode so far was one where a family moved to a sustainable community in the Baja area of Mexico. The housing community was completely new, yet designed in the old Spanish architecture. It was interesting to see the new-meets-old style which incorporated old world charm with modern amenities.

I also enjoyed the episode where a man bought a fixer-upper in Italy. For $23,000 (American dollars), he bought an amazing fixer-upper. Yes, it needed a ton of work, but just watching the images on the screen made me want to visit Italy. It also made me want to cook Italian food, just because the show was about Italy. Mmm, Italian food.

This show is a must watch for those who enjoy architecture and international travel. You'll crave an international vacation home before you know it.

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