Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby High

Baby High

MTV aired a special called Baby High. The girls on this show are pregnant or have babies, and attend a special school for girls with babies. I have to say, I'm impressed with the girls on this show. They have babies, attend school and named their babies pretty well. These are upstanding, motivated women. Props to them! They are doing wonderful things, even in a tough situation.

It's inspiring to see how the participants at this school for teenage mothers, Westport TAPP High School, truly embraced motherhood and their educations, and aspire to become successful women and amazing mothers.

Now, to talk about names.

Two of the babies are Peyton and Meleah. Meleah isn't my favorite spelling, but you know what? It works. I like both of these names.

The girls on the show, unfortunately, seemed to have not had as much luck when being named. Some names include: Mechele, LaKrista, and Bre'Oshane and Re'Oshane (with accents over the final e). I don't even know how to say those last two names. Fortunately, there is also a Karissa and Madeleine, which are both not the most common spellings, but are totally acceptable. Madeleine is an absolutely beautiful, classy spelling.

Some notes

This is a good show - definitely worth watching. Baby High is a special, so try to catch it if it airs again on MTV.

Note: I think some readers are misunderstanding me here. The point of my blog, typically, is to be snarky about baby names (see this post) and reality television. That being said, I think "Baby High" was amazing. The girls featured on this show are doing amazing things. I can't commend them enough for being amazing mothers to their children and continuing their educations. We see the girls on "Teen Mom" on MTV struggle without their degrees. These girls are avoiding this struggle by completing school in a healthy, wonderful education for both themselves and their babies.

I had the personal experience of visiting an organization at a school for teen moms. The moms had meetings about how to be great parents while their children spent time in school sponsored day care. These girls were amazing. I got to know one mom who struggled to find herself, keep up her grades and raise her baby. While I don't condone or recommend teenage pregnancy, I am so proud of all teen moms, like those on "Baby High," who choose to continue their education and live their lives in a positive, productive manner.


ms.graves said...
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ms.graves said...

i didnt find it funny at all that you only made fun of the black girls...meleah happens to be a nice name and mechele is as common as it get...sooo not funny!! i enjoyed the show and i take my hat off to ALL the young ladies for staying strong...I look forward to watching the show...especially lakrista,mechele, and karissa...

Less Than Reality said...

Ms. Graves,

Thank you for your comments. You are correct – the names I chose to discuss are a matter of opinion. In fact, blogging is all about opinions. You even note your opinion on the name Meleah. Names, in and of themselves, are all about opinion. Otherwise, we’d all have the same name.

As for calling me ignorant, I will respectfully disagree. I did not state that naming a child is the hard part of raising a child. In fact, I note that I think the mothers on the show are doing great and I do not disagree with their naming choices. I also do not correlate naming with teenage motherhood. Many of my blog entries about names, and many are not about motherhood.

In terms of only focusing on names from people of a certain ethnicity, I do not view names in terms of ethnicity, rather in terms of spelling and naming convention. If you read my previous entries, many of them are about names, and these encompass people of many backgrounds.

That being said, I’m glad you enjoyed Baby High, but there will not be additional episodes (as you note you will enjoy watching it). It was a one time special.

Anonymous said...


The World According to MeHa said...

I saw Baby High and after reading your post, I can only assume that you are young which would explain why the only thing you took away from this special were names and how they were spelled. Your post had nothing to do with the challenges they face as teenage mothers or how they are doing what it takes to succeed and not become statistics. I am admire them for not allowing their circumstance to determine their futures. So whether they are named Lavaleasha or Victoria and name their children Lemonjello or Elizabeth, see passed that and be proud of young women doing what they can to better themselves.