Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're Cut Off: Oh My Goodness, We Have to Work!?!

I loved "You're Cut Off" this week. Gia took about a thousand steps backward, despite her progress last week. Erica took many steps forward, and maintains her composure even when being attacked.

This week, each girl was given a job. Chrissy couldn't be bothered to actually go to work, which was astounding. Even more astounding was Gia, who quit the job because she didn't like Erica, who was assigned to be the manager. Here's a lesson in life: you don't have to like your manager, but you certainly have to pretend that you do. This person controls your job. Deal with it.

I think Erica did a great job as manager, despite the fact that Jessica and Gia responded negatively towards her. Her job was to supervise, and they just didn't like and didn't want to deal with that. Erica kept her composure and did not shy away from her responsibilities.

It was really funny watching the girls' horror as they were told that they would have to work. It's like, what would you do if your money was cut off? What if your family was hit hard by the recession? You realize that you'd have to get a job like a normal human being, right?

I will admit, I'm definitely Team Erica, but I almost choked when she stated that she is in law school. Her interview, while better than some others (and way better than Gia, who refused to write a resume and go for the interview), was still atrocious. I'm definitely a fan of Legally Blonde, but I think Erica even took this concept too far.

My favorite moment was when Pamela said work is so "mondoon." She meant mundane. She said "mondoon." It's funny that I even knew what she meant, but even funnier that she said it with such a straight face. Don't worry, honey, finding work will be hard when you can't pronounce your vowels correctly.

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