Thursday, June 10, 2010

"You're Cut Off" - A New Display of Bratty Madness on VH1

"You're Cut Off" is a new show on VH1. In this show, rich, spoiled brats are taken to a house that looks a lot like a typical American home to live as normal people. (Note: they say the house is in 'the ghetto' and is gross. Granted, the house isn't decorated well but it's a nice house!) Anyway, the girls are told that they're going on a show to showcase their exclusive lifestyles, but in fact, they are on a show where they have to live with limited money and limited possessions. The best part is that their parents are in on the trick - they're interviewed with their kids saying how bratty they act.

An interesting part of the show is how the girls act when they think their ritzy lifestyles are being featured on the show. Their voices get higher and more ditzy, they act extra bratty and they act like possessions are everything. Not that they don't act bratty otherwise, but during this time, it's in hyperdrive. Which I understand, after all, they're put into a role where they are playing bratty characters.

A character I don't like off the bat is Gia. She's a typical VH1 reality show brat - she left her child to be on a reality show. She is confrontational, mean and spoiled. She listed her needs and family didn't even make the list. Her money comes from her husband, not her parents, and she's a mess. I do like most of the other girls, especially Erica, after hearing her story. Her father is a plastic surgeon, which leads to her need for material things and her insecurities. I really feel for her in that respect. Jaqueline is great, too.

During episode one of "You're Cut Off," a girl calls another a prostitute, people get offended by religious statements and the girls drink boxed wine (which for them, is an atrocity). "You're Cut Off" is definitely worth watching for two reasons: being a bit sickened by the attitudes of spoiled brats, and enjoying a bit of healthy jealousy. After all, who doesn't want unlimited money that you don't have to work to earn?

One show I'll be skipping is "Bridal Boot Camp." It looked great in the previews, but it seems like it's only about temporary weight loss, when weight loss should really be for health, not just a quick fix for a wedding. Believe me, I want to lose weight as much as the next person, but this show just bothers me. And, I guess I'm bothered because some girls really aren't big at all. I can't blame the girls, though, because you can win a free wedding for being on this show, so it's a great opportunity.

A nice, fun show to watch is "Property Virgins." This show lets you get a glimpse into the worlds of first time homebuyers. You watch the pricing versus desires debate, where homebuyers discuss what they want versus what they can afford. It's interesting to see the price differences in different areas of the country. A must watch for all home improvement fanatics or first time homebuyers.

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Pam said...

I originally thought "You're Cut Off" would be annoying as all get out, but after reading this review I think there MAY be some good least I'll give it a shot now. I LOVE the fact you said the parents are in on it from the beginning. YEAH! Pam @ Sallygoodin