Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You're Cut Off - I Actually Feel Bad for Erica

This week on You're Cut Off on VH1, Erica began the episode as Leanne's new best friend. Then, Erica and Leanne had an argument. Finally, Leanne ended up trashing Erica. Believe it or not, I feel bad for Erica. I think that a lot of her actions stem from her insecurities. As she noted in an earlier episode, her father is a plastic surgeon and has given her a complex about her looks and weight. I think her standoffish attitude has more to do with building distance and walls from others than it does with being mean. She does show remorse, so I think she genuinely does feel bad for her actions and others. I hope things get better on the show for you, Erica!

The girls were charged this week with putting on a fashion show from clothing at a thrift store. At first, the girls were repulsed, but they learned that *gasp* not all clothes at thrift stores are awful and ugly. While this may be common knowledge for many of us, it certainly was not to them. (Before this, they bragged about their $3,000 purses.) It was interesting to see them try to create fashionable outfits. I think most outfits fell flat, contrary to what the judges said. Although I also disagree with the choice of the winning team. I think team 1 rocked it, and even though the judges got a glimpse of Erica's girly bits, the concept was phenomenal. I mean, really, the day to night outfit thing was great, creative and showed brain power that we don't see a whole lot of on this VH1 show.

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