Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Premiere of Jersey Couture

Jersey Couture premiered tonight on Oxygen. I'm not normally a fan of Oxygen, but I think I'll follow this show, at least for a few episodes. The point of this show seems to be to follow the trend of being over the top and Italian in New Jersey, which is not indicative of the whole state, but it is entertaining.

I think this show portrays a positive perception of an ambitious New Jersey family. Yes, they're larger than life...even Kimberly's house is massive, but the family seems strong, the business seems great, and the emotions are genuine.

I'm not convinced that the show will hold my attention for the whole season, but we'll see.

A show that I don't think I'll stick with is Dad Camp. I'd place it above Tough Love Couples (ugh) but below Tough Love (awesome). I hope that the dads-to-be step it up and become good fathers to their future babies, but it seems so awful to look into their lives at this point. I'll watch episode two and see how I feel after that.

I believe that Toddlers and Tiaras comes back soon. I can't wait! I wonder if there will be a villain like Jamie Sterling again this season.

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