Friday, June 4, 2010

The OCD Project on VH1

Initially, I ignored the existence of VH1's new show "The OCD Project." I saw it on my TV listings and skipped right over it. However, I was told to give it a try, and that's what I did.

At first, I thought I might find something snarky to say about the people on the show. And I did...but it was only about one girl's ridiculous pigtails. However, the rest of the show is very serious. It's not necessarily exciting, but it does give viewers a glimpse into the world of a person suffering from OCD. I think we all have a bit of OCD in us - we have rituals, some of which don't make sense. However, these people truly have obstacles to overcome in order to succeed in their everyday lives. Do I think I'll watch this show regularly? No, probably not. But I do think I'll tune if it's on when I have spare time to watch.

On a lighter note, I completely forgot the most awful name of all in my last post about bad names! Sparkal Queenz. Seriously. Sparkal Queenz. At least spell Sparkle correctly...or give your child an actual name or something.

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