Thursday, June 17, 2010

Non Reality TV Talk: Bathroom Psychology

Do you seem to go into the same stall every time in the public bathroom at work or school? I had a discussion about this today. It seems that people pick a bathroom stall that they call "their stall" and choose whenever possible. A coworker noted that she always chooses the stall by the wall in the work bathroom and in other bathrooms. I typically choose a middle stall, although at one work location it tends to be the second whereas it is the fourth at another work location. Do you have thoughts on this? Do you have a stall that you call your own?

Also, I realized today that you can tell a lot about a person just from the view of their feet from the bathroom stall next door. You can tell if a person is athletic, dresses up, is fashionable and a lot more just by their shoes and the bottom of their pants (or skirt, or whatever else). I'm not saying this in a creepy way - realistically, if you look down in a bathroom stall and the walls are raised, you'll see the feet next to you. I only realized this today as I saw the feet next to me and didn't know to whom they belonged. I did realize that the person was not into fashion, liked casual sneakers and wore boring, straight leg jeans.