Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards 2010 - Aziz Ansari

I loved MTV's choice to have Aziz Ansari host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Why? He's kind of famous but not overexposed, and he's genuinely funny. I also think having Betty White on the show was a good move, as was featuring Sandra Bullock.

The Sandra Bullock thing was sure to be a big hit (and we know MTV knew this) because of the tough times she's gone through with Jesse James. Aside from Jesse James' mistresses, almost all of America was cheering for Sandra's return to the spotlight. (Despite the fact that All About Steve was pretty awful.)

The one major flaw for me was the serious focus on Twilight. As someone who is not a Twi-hard, I feel like the whole thing is seriously played out. Of course, this is just my opinion and millions of people will disagree, so my point isn't exactly valid. I'm just saying that anyone who isn't a Twi-hard might have felt a bit bored throughout all of the Twilight madness. Seriously, there were other movies in 2010 besides New Moon.

I did like watching Kristen Stewart be her usual awkward self on the show, although sometimes it went too far. Like the kiss scene when she and Robert Pattinson won best kiss. She certainly didn't handle it gracefully, especially when she suggested it (although possibly because of cue cards or being told to do so in advance). She dropped the award last year, I think, and this year she stumbled through her speeches. I did like her dress, though.

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