Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holly's World on E! - A Fifteen Second Recap

I finally got around to watching Holly's World on E! I was definitely disappointed. I am a huge Holly Madison fan. I do like people who are famous for being famous, and especially those associated with Playboy and The Girls Next Door.

In any case, here is a fifteen second recap of the show, proving why you don't need to waste your time watching it.

Holly: Assistant, find my bikinis and lay them out!
Assistant with super squeaky voice: Okay, Holly! I have a baby and I'm going to leave him home while we take a surprise trip to Mexico.
Boy best friend: I exist in this show! Hello!
Random guy: I'm in the way of the photo shoot for publicity and to make drama.
Assistant with super squeaky voice: Go away, random guy!
Holly: Yea I was in a photo shoot.
Everyone: We're happy, YEA!

So that's it, or that's a recap of the part I was able to tolerate, anyway. I am truly disappointed because I think Holly Madison is fantastic, and is by far my favorite of Hef's former girlfriends: Holly, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Baskett (Kendra Wilkinson at the time). I didn't watch Bridget's show, I don't like Kendra's show, I hated the new Girls Next Door, but this was supposed to be the best one. Oh, well!

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