Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Fifteen Chefs Compete

Today, Hell's Kitchen: Fifteen Chefs Compete aired. Maybe the shows been on too long, but the premise is just so overdone. I watched the previous seasons and enjoyed them, but now the show just seems old. Someone freaks out, someone breaks rules, one of the teams is obviously better than the other, and on and on and on. It might be time to give it a rest.

I think it was Mikey's turn to go, though, so at least I agree with that. And I did genuinely feel badly for Siobhan when she broke down in front of Chef Ramsay. I don't think she had to listen to Autumn's request to be teammates during the egg challenge, but I can see how she got pulled into it. I hope Siobhan moves on and succeeds in the competition.

Does anyone watch Adoption Stories? I love this show. It's so sweet to see how much families want to adopt kids and the happy stories of the adoption success. If you're ever looking for a nice, light show to watch, this is a must see.

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