Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creative Reality Show Name of the Day

Today on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" we met a girl with a nice name, or so it seemed: Cassandra.

Then I saw the spelling: Ca Sondra. That's right. With a space between Ca and Sondra. Which made part of her name Ca. So, no Cassie as a nickname, because Ca was its own word. Really? I am definitely not a fan.

You're Cut Off: Oh My Goodness, We Have to Work!?!

I loved "You're Cut Off" this week. Gia took about a thousand steps backward, despite her progress last week. Erica took many steps forward, and maintains her composure even when being attacked.

This week, each girl was given a job. Chrissy couldn't be bothered to actually go to work, which was astounding. Even more astounding was Gia, who quit the job because she didn't like Erica, who was assigned to be the manager. Here's a lesson in life: you don't have to like your manager, but you certainly have to pretend that you do. This person controls your job. Deal with it.

I think Erica did a great job as manager, despite the fact that Jessica and Gia responded negatively towards her. Her job was to supervise, and they just didn't like and didn't want to deal with that. Erica kept her composure and did not shy away from her responsibilities.

It was really funny watching the girls' horror as they were told that they would have to work. It's like, what would you do if your money was cut off? What if your family was hit hard by the recession? You realize that you'd have to get a job like a normal human being, right?

I will admit, I'm definitely Team Erica, but I almost choked when she stated that she is in law school. Her interview, while better than some others (and way better than Gia, who refused to write a resume and go for the interview), was still atrocious. I'm definitely a fan of Legally Blonde, but I think Erica even took this concept too far.

My favorite moment was when Pamela said work is so "mondoon." She meant mundane. She said "mondoon." It's funny that I even knew what she meant, but even funnier that she said it with such a straight face. Don't worry, honey, finding work will be hard when you can't pronounce your vowels correctly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Danielle - Still Crazy!

Okay, Teresa, you were not in the right to go off on Danielle, but seriously, Danielle is nuts. Bonkers. Crazy. Off the wall. Get the point yet? I just don't understand what motivates her to be the way that she is. She's out of her mind! She claims to be broke but has a bodyguard. She claims to be peaceful but starts problems. I just do not understand.

If you could meet any person from the Real Housewives series, who would it be? Jill Zarin? Bethenny Frankel? Alex McCord? Vicki Gunvalson? Jeana Keough? Who would it be?

On another note, this is cool!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Congratulations, You Bought Something Affordable

You know what drives me nuts? When girls on reality shows give themselves props for buying something affordable. On "Pretty Wild", Alexis Neiers yells at the answering machine of a reporter who claimed she wore six inch Louboutin shoes to court. She and her family argued that she wore $29 4 inch heeled shoes. So what? Are you proud of yourself? You bought shoes that the rest of the world can afford. Congratu-freaking-lations.

The same thing happened on "You're Cut Off", although that is actually the point of the show so it is more acceptable. The girls learned that *gasp* thrift stores have nice things. Once again, congratulations, you're human.

Thoughts, anyone?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras Names

Here are some names we saw this week on Toddlers and Tiaras:

Taleah: Not my favorite, but I think the spelling works. Other spellings could be confusing, whereas this one pretty much spells it out. I've seen both Talya and Talia before, but neither was pronounced Ta-lee-ah, so this spelling works well.

Abrielle: Very interesting! I don't love it, but I do like it. Granted, it does make me think that it looks like Gabrielle but without the G, but still. I like Brielle a lot as a name, and I think Abrielle is an interesting twist - a mix of Abigail and Gabrielle.

Neely: I do not like this. It sounds like a last name.

Lauren: So refreshing. A lovely, traditional name.

This week was pretty disappointing for bad spellings! Most were correct: Jasmine, Alyssa, Allison, Ashlyn, etc. Even the newer names (Brooklyn, McKenzie) were spelled in decent ways.

I found it interesting that the pageant on this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras was called "America's Best Pageant." That's a bit presumptuous, isn't it?

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant - TLC

I love the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." It's crazy. Can you imagine being pregnant and not knowing it? Today's episode was amazing. An 18 year old girl named Lynn didn't know she was pregnant, and about seven months into her pregnancy, had seizures and a car accident. She was passed out throughout the entire birth of her child. She woke up and was told 'surprise, you have a baby.' What?!? Fortunately, everything worked out well, but wow!

You're Cut Off - I Actually Feel Bad for Erica

This week on You're Cut Off on VH1, Erica began the episode as Leanne's new best friend. Then, Erica and Leanne had an argument. Finally, Leanne ended up trashing Erica. Believe it or not, I feel bad for Erica. I think that a lot of her actions stem from her insecurities. As she noted in an earlier episode, her father is a plastic surgeon and has given her a complex about her looks and weight. I think her standoffish attitude has more to do with building distance and walls from others than it does with being mean. She does show remorse, so I think she genuinely does feel bad for her actions and others. I hope things get better on the show for you, Erica!

The girls were charged this week with putting on a fashion show from clothing at a thrift store. At first, the girls were repulsed, but they learned that *gasp* not all clothes at thrift stores are awful and ugly. While this may be common knowledge for many of us, it certainly was not to them. (Before this, they bragged about their $3,000 purses.) It was interesting to see them try to create fashionable outfits. I think most outfits fell flat, contrary to what the judges said. Although I also disagree with the choice of the winning team. I think team 1 rocked it, and even though the judges got a glimpse of Erica's girly bits, the concept was phenomenal. I mean, really, the day to night outfit thing was great, creative and showed brain power that we don't see a whole lot of on this VH1 show.

A week of New Jersey Girls Named Kimberly

I'm aware that it's only Tuesday, but I've only watched two reality shows so far this week, both of which were about New Jersey and had a character named Kimberly.

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim G. made trouble by telling Caroline that Jacqueline is obsessed with Danielle. First of all, this is inappropriate because it's a lie. Secondly, this was at Teresa's party. Third, clearly Jacqueline is not obsessed with Danielle. If anything, Danielle is obsessed with Jacqueline and Caroline! Shame on you, Kim G., shame.

On another note, isn't Danielle supposed to be broke? She claims she is, yet she's having breast surgery. And, she claims she's so sensitive about her body, yet she took pole dancing lessons in the last episode, recently had a sex tape scandal, and when the doctor asked Danielle to show her breasts for an exam, she whipped them out without the slightest bit of modesty. Hypocritical, Ms. Danielle?

Random: Did anyone hear about Teresa's bankruptcy?

Next up was Jersey Couture. Kimberly, who is happily married, set her sights on getting her sister, Christina, on a blind date. While this was fun and somewhat interesting, the real point of interest was hearing Christina say Kimberly's name. Has anyone listened to this? It sounds like Kimmely. Kim-muh-lee. It's kind of like the 'ber' part of her name took a trip to the Jersey Shore and never came back. (Maybe Kimmely is a nickname, like Snooki?) I kind of hope so, although my vote is on the fact that Christina's just slurring her words.

One more thing: Danielle Staub's singing debut actually wasn't awful. I'm surprised! It sure beats Kim's rendition of "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" (sung like "Don't be Toddy for the Potty") and Countess Luann's "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holly's World: I Tried Again, I Hated It Again

As stated in a previous post, I am a huge Holly Madison fan. However, I can not tolerate the show Holly's World on E! It's so mindless and irritating that I can't stand it. It's not so much that Holly is annoying - it's more the cheesy antics (her gay friend Josh asking out a guy for her and the guy saying "I'm straight" before Josh clarified) and the simple existence of her friend with the squeaky voice and the baby. Not to mention the obvious lack of brain cells among Holly's friends. Laura Croft informed us that she hates the homeless (not homeless youth, just adults), and Holly's date was beyond clueless and was clearly cast on the show for publicity purposes.

This show is such a letdown! I love Holly but this is just tragic!

An Amazing Book: Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

I just finished reading the most phenomenal book. It is called Winter Garden and it is written by Kristin Hannah. If you like tearjerkers that keep you on the edge of your seat, this book is for you. This book gave me a new appreciation for the things I have in life. Even when things are depressing or tough, people are living in worse situations.

Hannah captures feelings incredibly well, and as a reader, you can not wait to read what will happen next. Throughout the story, you see the evolution of lives, both past and present, and see two separate stories come together as one.

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah is a must read, and I will be reading her other books as well.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Real Housewives of New York City: Reunion, Part Three

This part of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion was pretty unremarkable, aside from Jill and Bethenny hugging and crying at the end. Here's to the survival of their friendship!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Non Reality TV Talk: Bathroom Psychology

Do you seem to go into the same stall every time in the public bathroom at work or school? I had a discussion about this today. It seems that people pick a bathroom stall that they call "their stall" and choose whenever possible. A coworker noted that she always chooses the stall by the wall in the work bathroom and in other bathrooms. I typically choose a middle stall, although at one work location it tends to be the second whereas it is the fourth at another work location. Do you have thoughts on this? Do you have a stall that you call your own?

Also, I realized today that you can tell a lot about a person just from the view of their feet from the bathroom stall next door. You can tell if a person is athletic, dresses up, is fashionable and a lot more just by their shoes and the bottom of their pants (or skirt, or whatever else). I'm not saying this in a creepy way - realistically, if you look down in a bathroom stall and the walls are raised, you'll see the feet next to you. I only realized this today as I saw the feet next to me and didn't know to whom they belonged. I did realize that the person was not into fashion, liked casual sneakers and wore boring, straight leg jeans.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras 6/16/2010 - Kennedy, Chloe, Iyana and Kaya in the America's Trezured Dollz pageant. (Yes, It's Really Called That.)

Toddlers and Tiaras brought us some good names this week! I like Kennedy, Chloe and Kaya as names! All great, properly spelled choices.

My problem this week is with the name Iyana. Although Mom named her younger daughter well (Kaya), Iyana's name leaves something to be desired. First of all, it's pronounced I-ana (Ai-ana, eye-ana). I would pronounce Iyana as Ee-ana. Plus, Mom seemed to have a language of her own. She wanted her girls to 'luxuriate across the stage' and referred to pageant buffs as pageant buffies. She also made her girls wear outfit of choice costumes that reminded her of drag queens.

While I definitely subtract points for the notes above, Mom was economical - she bought her girls' outfits on eBay. I support her ability to pay less if she can, although the dresses didn't seem to fit her daughters quite right. And, Mom was spunky - I like that!

I'm actually quite surprised that the kids' names weren't bad this week on Toddlers and Tiaras. Why? Because the pageant had the worst. name. ever. America's Trezured Dollz. That's right. Not America's Treasured Dolls, which would be perfectly acceptable if not comparing live children to inanimate objects. America's Trezured Dollz. How's that for teaching kids to spell properly?

What is it about New Jersey?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed the recent influx of reality television shows about New Jersey. Between Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it's almost unsafe to walk around without being caught by a reality show film crew.

My question is, what is it about New Jersey? I somehow doubt Minnesota Couture, Delaware Shore or Kentuckylicious would have the same appeal. Is it the over-the-top, not-quite-New-York-City element that New Jersey possesses? Is it the appeal of loving a state that many people view as a Turnpike wasteland? I really am not sure, so if anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate that you share it.

I really think that it's popular to film in New Jersey because it is inexpensive for New York based film crews. The Oxygen network, which brings us Jersey Couture, has offices in New York City. (They also have California offices, which explains the Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott madness. Check out info about Dean's messy divorce in this book.) Anyway, the proximity to the city and easy access to filming make New Jersey an attractive option for all New York based networks, whereas Midwestern states require a lot of hotels, traveling and expenses for reality TV show film crews.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holly's World on E! - A Fifteen Second Recap

I finally got around to watching Holly's World on E! I was definitely disappointed. I am a huge Holly Madison fan. I do like people who are famous for being famous, and especially those associated with Playboy and The Girls Next Door.

In any case, here is a fifteen second recap of the show, proving why you don't need to waste your time watching it.

Holly: Assistant, find my bikinis and lay them out!
Assistant with super squeaky voice: Okay, Holly! I have a baby and I'm going to leave him home while we take a surprise trip to Mexico.
Boy best friend: I exist in this show! Hello!
Random guy: I'm in the way of the photo shoot for publicity and to make drama.
Assistant with super squeaky voice: Go away, random guy!
Holly: Yea I was in a photo shoot.
Everyone: We're happy, YEA!

So that's it, or that's a recap of the part I was able to tolerate, anyway. I am truly disappointed because I think Holly Madison is fantastic, and is by far my favorite of Hef's former girlfriends: Holly, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Baskett (Kendra Wilkinson at the time). I didn't watch Bridget's show, I don't like Kendra's show, I hated the new Girls Next Door, but this was supposed to be the best one. Oh, well!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Children's Names on The Real Housewives of New York City

The Real Housewives of New York City bring us some interesting children's names.

Jill has Ally, which I believe is short for Allyson. This is a pretty typical name in the Jewish community.

Alex has Johan and Francois, which are definitely tough names for American kids to grow up with. Well, Johan isn't so bad, but I can almost guarantee that Francois will be called Fran-kois at least once by a native English speaker.

Bethenny has a daughter named Bryn. The name was chosen in honor of her husband Jason's brother who passed away. I can't say I love the name Bryn but I like the sentimental meaning for Bethenny and Jason.

Kelly has Sea and Teddy. This kind of makes me say "What?" Teddy is cute if short for Theodora, but Sea? It's really just the sound of a letter. C. Not a full name, in my opinion, that's for sure.

Ramona has Avery. I like that name. No criticism there at all, actually.

Luann's kids also have normal names. I believe the names are Henry and Victoria. Not my favorites, but good, solid names.

Just for fun, here are the names of Teresa's (from The Real Housewives of New Jersey) kids: Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana. Gia Guidice is a bit hard to say, and Audriana Guidice is a bit long. However, if the kids rock half as much as Teresa, having hard-to-say names will be no issue at all.

Amazon Kindle?

Hey everyone,

Just a question, although off topic. Does anyone have the Amazon Kindle and how do you like it? I've been told that Amazon book library is much better than the one available for the iPad or other book reading systems.

I really would like a Kindle so I can re-read my favorite books, like The Giver (a childhood favorite), Memoirs of a Geisha, The Virgin Suicides and Lost Girls and Love Hotels.


Daria is out on DVD!

I realize that I'm noting this a bit late, but Daria, the animated series from MTV, is out on DVD. The DVD includes full episodes and the two full length Daria movies. It is missing the music featured in the original Daria airings on MTV due to legal reasons, but it's still fantastic.

Not into the whole series, but need a quick Daria fix? You can just buy "Daria - Is It College Yet?" and "Daria - Is It Fall Yet?" on DVD. I recommend the whole series, though. I mean, really, who can resist Daria Morgendorffer, Quinn Morgenorffer, Jane Lane and Trent Lane in hours of animated madness?

Note: if you like Daria, you might also like Clone High or The Oblongs. Maybe The Critic or Beavis and Butthead as well. If you're an MTV fan in general, try the MTV20 Collection.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Real Housewives of New York City: Reunion, Part One

The Real Housewives of New York City celebrated the end of its most recent season with part one of a reunion episode. Here are the highlights:

: Ms. Bethenny Frankel (or is she Mrs. Bethenny Hoppy now?) stood up to Jill, which practically broke Jill's heart. I can see both sides of their argument. I really think Jill changed and Bethenny should give her another chance. Bethenny has so much positivity in her life, and I think Jill needs her now. However, from the looks of the reunion show, the Bethenny and Jill BFF-ship is over. Also on the topic of Bethenny, what do you think of her daughter's name, Bryn?

Jill: As noted, Jill was lectured by Bethenny and it looks like it's only going to get worse. It seems that Jill is going to walk offstage a lot during the next two episodes of the Housewives reunion. I hope she is forgiven, but I doubt it. Alex really needs to lay off of her, but I doubt that she will.

Ramona: The Ramona montage was pretty crazy - she really does have her ups and downs. The way she treated Bethenny was pretty awful in one part of the season, but very nice in another. Not much else happened with Ramona.

Alex: Alex stuck with her new tough girl image during a face off with Jill. It works for her. I like the tough Alex. Once again, I'm not convinced that Jill deserved it, but still...Alex did it and made it look good.

Kelly: Ms. Killoren Bensimon managed to display her crazy side once again, this time without even saying much. She accused Bethenny of talking about her to the press, but didn't have any way to back that up with facts. The truth must have been talked out during a commercial break, because post-break Kelly admitted that she was wrong.

We didn't hear from Sonja Morgan, the newest housewife, but I think we will on the next episode. I liked Sonja, but I didn't find her very controversial. When Alexis joined The Real Housewives of Orange County, she jumped in with a bang: insults, Godliness mixed with slutty outfits, perfect mom image along with nannies. All Sonja has to be controversial about is sex. Sonja's really nice to everyone, almost unrealistically so. We'll see how she turns out next season.

Part two of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion airs on Monday, June 14th at 9 PM on Bravo, preceding The Real Housewives of New Jersey (team Teresa)!