Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is Back!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey was back on a new night - Monday. Watching the season premiere was a great way to start the week. I loved seeing Jacqueline so happy with her new baby and Lauren looking so happy. The only downfall for me (which was likely due to editing) was that there was so much anti-Danielle talk. I'm not necessarily a Danielle fan (especially after she was going to stalk Caroline's party but ended up not doing that because Caroline would know she cared - newsflash, your obsessive behavior was caught on TV), but the Danielle bashing was excessive. I have to give Dina credit for sticking up for her thoughts that she and Danielle were doing well. It's easy to fall back into a negative pattern, but Dina resisted. Props, Dina!

Kim, the owner of Posche, is clearly in this show for the fame. I think she actually does like Danielle and they are friends, however, as soon as it became convenient to turn on her, she did. The way Kim attended and approached the NJ Housewives at the party pretty much shouted "Hello, I want to be on TV! Publicize my store! Make me famous! Make me some money!" I do feel bad for Danielle for this because Kim instigated the Danielle discussion that was not in progress before her interference.

This is sure to be a great season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Let's see how it goes!

On another note, last night's True Life on MTV featured people with traumatic brain injuries. It was so sad. The people featured were normal people who fell into unfortunate circumstances and are now trying to find their way back to normalcy. It must be difficult to have your life taken away from you in an instant. This episode provides an appreciation for what we have, and causes us to encourage those who need encouragement the most. I give the participants on this episode so much credit for sharing their stories and pain, because through this, they are sharing hope and explaining that those with traumatic brain injuries can be people that were normal one moment and different the next. It helps to create a whole new acceptance for those who have experienced this hardship. This is truly a hard-hitting, excellent episode of True Life. Was it as crazy and entertaining as the Hamptons episode or the Staten Island episode? No. But is it worth watching? Absolutely.


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