Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Psych Week on Discovery Health & Some other Reality Updates

Before I begin, just a quick question for anyone out there: are you watching Tough Love Couples? A fellow fashion and reality TV lover and I discussed this today, and she noted that she likes it, whereas I find it pretty awful. What do you think?

Psych Week on Discovery Health had some great shows. First, I watched "My Strange Addiction," which showed a woman addicted to tanning, one addicted to shopping and one to eating chalk. The woman addicted to tanning continued to tan even after being told it could hurt her. (Note: I heard on the radio today that women are more likely to quit tanning if they are told it will make them ugly than if they are told that it will give them cancer.)

Second, I watched "Born Schizophrenic: January's Story." This show was phenomenal. As viewers, we explored the pain felt by a little girl who was born schizophrenic, and the pain this caused her family. It was so interesting to see how numbers affected her life, and how she actually saw creatures that didn't exist. (For example, her cat 400 told her to do bad things.) This is a must see for a look into the complex world of schizophrenia.

I also saw "The Woman with 15 Personalities," which explored a woman's multiple personality disorder, which came about when she was abused as a child. She actually loses track of her existence as she falls into a personality other than her primary personality. She doesn't actually know if she's ever had sex, because one personality said no and another said yes.

"Enraged" was alright, but not worth watching. As a friend said, "I can see angry people at home. Why do I want to watch them on TV?" This show was interesting, but mostly because your heart goes out to the children of the perpetually angry individuals. I wanted to tell them that everything would be okay and that the pain that they feel is temporary.

The show "Primetime: What Would You Do?" has been pretty interesting, as well. As the viewer, you find yourself watching people react to what they believe is a person in danger, such as a drunk woman who is being coerced out of a bar by a man she doesn't know. We get to watch how people react. The show studies the difference between how a "nice" girl is treated and how a "party" girl is treated. It's an interesting study in psychology.

Just to add something snarky, has anyone seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of New York lately? I am not loving Bravo's idea to air the NJ show on Monday and the NY show on Tuesday, because I'm getting them mentally twisted up. Which may be for the best, actually, because both shows kind of make my brain explode. Okay, first all all, what's up with Jill Zarin? It's as if her inner mean girl because a major component of her outward personality! And Alex? It's like she grew a backbone, but in a majorly wrong way. Now, onto New Jersey. I have to say, I love Teresa this season. She's so put together even in her pregnancy. The only thing I don't like is how she trashes Danielle, but she handled Christine's (Danielle's daughter) fashion magazine cover really well, which I give her so much credit for doing. Danielle proved once again that she's crazy. I wonder how she reacted when she saw her "friend" Kim trashing her at Caroline's party. Anyway, Danielle is completely over the edge. I think the coming episodes will bring us even more Danielle madness.

Oh, and I just learned that Jennavecia from Tough Love was on the Bad Girls Club. She's just one of the many to make her way around the reality show circuit. I wonder what she'll appear on next.

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