Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tough Love Couples is Tough to Watch

As a huge fan of Tough Love, I looked forward to Tough Love Couples appearing on television. However, I found the show so boring that I couldn't even sit through it. (That says a lot, being that I am willing to watch a lot of bad TV.) I struggled through episode one, and gave up halfway through episode two. Steve Ward was just plain mean, and I found it hard to connect with the couples. I don't feel like the couples really want to be there, and Steve looks just as bored. I might tune in for the finale, but I could probably go without it.

Another show worth skipping is The Marriage Ref. Celebrity guests vote on whether the husband or wife is correct in a relationship debate. It's funny at times, but there's no reason to devote an hour a week to this show.

I watched the finale of 16 and Pregnant, which was an episode where Dr. Drew talked to the girls about their experiences. I felt terrible for Leah, who truly regretted messing up her relationship with her boyfriend. I wish them the best and hope that they get back together. (Although I'm not a huge fan of the spelling of their twins' named: Aleeah and Aliannah.) I really do feel badly for Leah, in any case, because she was genuinely confused about her relationship with her ex, Robbie. It must be tough being her age and trying to figure out your love life while having twins.

According to the show The Soup, VH1 will be changing their programming to be classier. I wonder what that means, but I look forward to it. Although I do miss the really un-classy shows, like The Surreal Life. Can we have a new season of that show?