Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frank the Entertainer Recap, Poor Jayne Dolinsky & Thoughts About Tool Academy

Before I begin on the items noted in the subject line, has anyone watched Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty? I watched half an episode and it just couldn't hold my attention. I feel kind of bad about that, as we're supposed to learn important lessons about beauty and self value (I think), but it just doesn't hold the same appeal as the trashy TV we love to watch.

So, onto the main topics: Frank the Entertainer. We saw Frank go from a large group of girls down to the finalists, and choose Kerry over Cathy. I think he made the right decision. I actually feel bad for Cathy because she really did like Frank, but she messed up by getting physical and talking about it on camera. (I wonder what Frank's parents thought when they saw the show. I also wonder how Cathy's parents are taking it, especially after Cathy talked about her dad having a high profile job.) Anyway, Kerry was the right choice, although I'm not necessarily convinced that the relationship will last.

I still want to know more about Felicia leaving. I kind of see her thought process, and I think she did what she had to do for Frank, but I do feel bad for her. Frank put the girls in a tough situation, and I think Felicia choosing to leave showed that she truly did care about Frank.

Next up, Little Miss Perfect. I felt so awful for Jayne Dolinsky when she had to drop out of the pageant because she was sick. I felt even worse when Michael Galanes told her that she should have pushed through it. The poor girl is seven years old (or something) and was clearly painfully sick. I understand where he's coming from, but I think Jayne would have gained more benefit from "Jayne, just come back next year and win!" I feel bad for Jayne's mother - Jayne is quite a handful - but she's such a funny, bright kid, and I think she'll grow up into a funny and wonderful adult.

Tool Academy comes to a close soon, and this season sure has been interesting. From Courtney with her bad body image to Angelo and his tears to Kyle's undying attachment to Jennavecia, it's been an interesting season. First and foremost, I feel like Courtney did want to change, and I really felt badly for her. She had such a terrible body image and lashed out in the ways that she knew how.

I'm not really sure what to think of Dayna and Angelo. Dayna put up with a lot of crying this season, which might have been a turn-off to many other people. Overall, I think this couple has a strong chance of making it work.

As for Kyle and Jennavecia, I hate to say it, but that relationship is not working. Kyle clearly loves her a lot, but she's not exactly the kindest to him. I think he needs to let go and find a nice, calm girl, and Jennavecia should go out and have fun, since she's still got a lot of that in her system.

What do you think of bringing parents onto reality TV shows? I think it's cool in a way, but also awful. In Cathy's case on Frank the Entertainer, Frank seemed to hold it against her that her parents didn't come. However, parents aren't always up for the limelight, and as much as the contestants might want their parents to appear, it's not fair to expect them to show up. Some people actually value their private lives, you know?

Have you seen this? Local 'Wife Swap' Daughter Sues ABC for $100 Million As Entertainment Weekly said, nothing makes a girl look more spoiled (which she is claiming the show portrayed her as) than suing for $100 million.

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