Wednesday, April 7, 2010

16 and Pregnant - Leah

If you watched 16 and Pregnant this week, you'll know that Leah and Corey had twins. Corey was so sweet - he really loved Leah. However, I also can't blame Leah for her feelings. You can't help your feelings, and love is confusing, especially for a sixteen year old girl.

What I want to know is why did Leah's parents encourage her and Corey to move in together? I understand that there wasn't a lot of room in their house, but how did having your sixteen year old daughter move in with the rebound guy she dated for a month before getting pregnant seem like a good idea?

I like the names they chose for the babies, just not the spellings. Aliyah or Aleah, okay. Aliana, also okay. But Aleeah and Aliannah? I feel like they both have some extra letters tacked on.

I really wish them all the best, in any case, and hope everything works out.

On another note, The Millionaire Matchmaker was enjoyable this week. I really liked watching the 'underdog' types of guys find girls who really cared about them. I wanted to cheer them on as the show continued. Props to Patti for finding them matches!

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