Sunday, January 10, 2010

Conveyor Belt of Love and Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair

Conveyor Belt of Love is the newest mess on TV. Men are carted in one by one on a conveyor belt for a panel of women to ogle and decide whether any of them are dateworthy. In the end, each woman chose one man to date, some of which were successful (the most shallow choice and the least, particularly) and others were not.

That wasn't really the good part, though. The notable parts for me were the format of the man choosing and the women on the show.

The women on panel were generally agreeable, except for Keiko, who sounded and acted like Paris Hilton. However, as much as that wasn't thrilling, she knew what she wanted and went for it.

Megan was a nice girl who considered herself a geek. She was cool.

Dalet kept changing her mind, which leads me to what I consider a major flaw in the show. As the men come down the conveyor belt, the women can say they are interested or not interested. If a woman chooses a man, he stands in her box. If she later chooses another man, the first guy is kicked out. I was hoping they'd all stay and she'd have to make a decision at the end. (Or, for a really screwed up ending, date them all at once and watch them compete for her affection.)

There was also Angelique, who I thought was fantastic. She was a real woman to me - secure in herself, athletic but not super thin body, and very nice. She ended up choosing a guy who was very average in looks, but a great personality fit for her. Props to her for doing that, because that's what it's all about - being happy together.

Now, on to Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair. First and foremost, I wonder if the house in question is Frank's family's real house. I wonder if they'd allow their house to be blasted on TV like that since people could probably find it now. In any case, I love how one of the girls commented that she was shocked that they were in a basement, not a mansion, to date Frank. I can totally understand this after the madness of the Flavor of Love and Rock of Love houses, but if you live with Frank, this may be it, so why not start now? (Anyway, MTV's done this before. Remember the 70s House or whatever it was called? Definitely not a mansion. The Jersey Shore house has a great location and rooftop too, but doesn't exactly look like a mansion either.)

I really was floored by Stephanie on this show. She clearly knew nothing about Frank and also wasn't so good at articulating her sentences. I don't doubt that she was a sweet girl, but was there a love connection? I would say no.

The Mom-and-Mandy debate is sure to be a good one throughout this season of Frank the Entertainer, because the fight started early. Stay tuned for more!

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