Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tough Love: Is Tina Dateable?

If you watched Tough Love this week, you saw the panel of male judges tell Tina that she was dateable, despite having a yearlong affair with a married man, because she showed remorse. What do you think about this? I would say Tina is dateable (as the panel agreed, but the girls at Boot Camp did not) because was remorseful about the event. I haven't been involved in a situation like that, but I can imagine that Tina probably felt a huge rush during the whole situation, which seems like such a deviation from her career-oriented personality. I kind of wonder how the situation ended, though - did she break it off? Did he? Even if she was involved for a year and then broke it off, I'd give her credit. It's a tough situation to be in, and breaking away is such an important thing to do.

Now, on to Jersey Shore. MTV is brilliant. Totally brilliant. As you probably know, Nicole (aka Snooki) was punched in the face by a man at a bar. Before the episode aired, MTV showed the event in the show's previews. MTV gave the clip to gossip shows like TMZ. I'm sure the video can be found all over the internet. Yet when the show aired, MTV blacked out the shot. I have a couple theories on why they did this. First, this makes MTV look responsible because advocacy groups asked that the clip not be aired. Second, this gave MTV a reason to leak the clip to news outlets, garnering more publicity, and to gain even more publicity when viewers who could not see the event on TV looked it up online. MTV, you sure know how to create controversy, make money and gain viewers.

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