Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jersey Shore

Did anyone watch the premiere of Jersey Shore this week? It was like a trainwreck – mostly horrifying, but impossible to look away. I was surprised when it began, because I was expecting it to be a reality show like True Life, where a bunch of friends do something and MTV documents it. However, it turned out to be a show like The Real World. It was cast with people from the New Jersey, however most people were not actually from New Jersey.

This show is a great win for MTV. First of all, MTV gets lots of publicity because Italian American publications are protesting it because it portrays a negative image of Italian Americans. (Realistically, most people should know that a few people do not represent a whole group, but whatever.) I see their reasons for protesting, however, the people on this show are on the show voluntarily, and they know how they’re portraying themselves.

Secondly, MTV must have filmed this house on a shoestring budget. The people on the show actually have to work at a T-shirt store to get paid (which makes me believe that their payment for being on the show is minimal), and although the house is in a great location & has a great layout, the rent couldn’t have been too expensive because the house wasn’t huge and it looks like it hasn’t been redecorated since the seventies. You can see the camera crew struggling to work around the thin, wood-paneled hallway. (I wonder if the house’s owner will redecorate the house with the MTV earnings he gets.)

Plus, the show got lots of publicity when the participants were out in public selling things at the t-shirt store. People probably watched the show just to see if they’d be on it! The t-shirt store probably made millions from having the show filmed there, as well.

I do feel bad for the girls and guys who stopped by the house and were portrayed pretty horribly. I hope the girls who were in the hot tub with the guys can laugh off the incident. (I mean, they got a little crazy and the guys didn’t eve think that they were that pretty!)

My verdict on this show: it’s pretty awful, but totally worth watching. The nicknames everyone has even make it worth it. Mike “The Situation” loves to tell everyone things like, “You love The Situation!” Nicole, who goes by Snooki, gets called Snickers by everyone by accident. And, JWoww? I get it, but really?

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