Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rocky from "I Know My Kid's a Star" appears of "Tough Love."

Remember Rocky, the mom who pimped her kid out on the VH1 reality show "I Know My Kid's a Star"? Well, she's back, this time on season two of "Tough Love". I really liked season one of "Tough Love", but this season's really not doing it for me, especially because Rocky's there. Not for one second do I believe she's on the show to truly find love. I think her reality TV agent had the hookup to get her back on VH1 or something. In any case, I think Jenna's great, and Elizabeth is cool too. I am hoping for the best for them and all of the others. However, I hope Rocky's gone soon because she's clearly just there for the TV exposure.

Who is raising her 11 year old while she's on TV, may I ask?

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