Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rocky from "I Know My Kid's a Star" appears of "Tough Love."

Remember Rocky, the mom who pimped her kid out on the VH1 reality show "I Know My Kid's a Star"? Well, she's back, this time on season two of "Tough Love". I really liked season one of "Tough Love", but this season's really not doing it for me, especially because Rocky's there. Not for one second do I believe she's on the show to truly find love. I think her reality TV agent had the hookup to get her back on VH1 or something. In any case, I think Jenna's great, and Elizabeth is cool too. I am hoping for the best for them and all of the others. However, I hope Rocky's gone soon because she's clearly just there for the TV exposure.

Who is raising her 11 year old while she's on TV, may I ask?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Amazing Race

This week on The Amazing Race, the teams had to take a ferry to find their next clue. Of course, there has to be a catch, as the first team to arrive found out. That catch would be the long number of hours until the ferry leaves. The people on the teams didn't know what to do - and really, that makes sense. I mean, you're in the middle of this race and all of a sudden, you have downtime? That's kind of crazy!

This delay turned out to be a great equalizer for all of the teams, since the delay took away any advantage of being in the lead.

Later, the teams had to obtain what appeared to be a blank scroll, but contained words that could be seen when held up to candlelight. The Globetrotters did not have much luck with this, as their team member chose to color his with crayon instead, hoping that was the way to find the message.

They also had to go in a sauna with locals...which sounds like it could be very pleasant, or maybe not! It certainly was for the father and son team, who were joined by a young blonde woman.

One person had a lot of trouble saying candelabra. He was saying, "What's a candle - uh - bra? I have no idea what that is!"

Mud volleyball turned out to be a muddy mess, but it was entertaining!

Meghan & Cheyne were victorious, and they met their goal of being in the final 3.

The Girls Next Door & The New Duggar Baby

I really wanted to hate the new Girls Next Door, but I will say, they are entertaining. Crystal and Holly really are a lot alike, which is good because I liked Holly, and the twins, as much as I want to dislike them, are entertaining. Their pole dancing in last week's episode was pretty awesome!

Oh yeah, and I realize that I'm a bit late on this, but Josh and Anna Duggar had their baby - Mackynzie Renee. I'm all for Mackenzie Renee, but Mackynzie? To me, that spells Mac-KINZ-ee, not Mac-KENZ-ee. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just some updates

My Antonio ended last week, and was so boring that I barely remember who won. It was one of the blondes, Brooke, I think. At the end, everything was so amicable. No storming off, no anger - just happiness for the winning girl. That's a good thing, but not so good for reality TV.

This week, Stew and Amanda went home on Tool Academy. Despite his protests, Stew was obviously there for the money. I was a big Stew & Amanda supporter until the last few episodes, when his money grubbing side caeme out and her immaturity became pretty apparent. I do hope it works out for them, though.

On Tool Academy, even though it's been over a week since his departure, I am glad that Charm is gone. I don't think he was changing enough to warrant being there, especially with his outburst at the end. So, sorry Charm, but I was glad to see you go.