Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras - I can't get enough!

While I still can't get over how sick Jamie Sterling made me feel on Toddlers & Tiaras with her daughter AshLynn Sterling (see rant a few entries back), I think next week's episode may be somewhat close to that. The previews make it look pretty bad. We will see.

That being said, this week's episode of Toddlers & Tiara's didn't drive me too crazy. Except for the beauty salon called "Head'z to Toe'z" or something. Okay, the Z thing I can deal with, but unnecessary apostrophes? Come on now! Didn't the signmaker see any problem with this madness?

I couldn't find any really bad names this week...sure, Haley's not my favorite spelling of the name, but it's definitely legit. Props to the parents on this week's episode for naming their kids, well, names. You know, without gratuitous capital letters. (I'm talking about you, Jamie Sterling...AshLynn and BreAnne do not need those mid-first-name capitals.)

Speaking of, I wonder what happened to Jamie Sterling's marriage after this episode aired. I wonder if her husband took a second look at her pageant lifestyle and made Jamie stop what she was doing. I sure hope so! I'd love to know, if anyone happens to have an update.

You know, it was interesting what a stark contrast the Sterlings are from the family that was on Toddlers & Tiaras last week. I don't remember the kids' names, but the mom had one daughter pretend to be a year older than she was (11 vs. 10) because she didn't want her daughters competing against each other. Major props to this mom! Kids should not compete in that capacity.

On More to Love this week, Luke, who looks more like 36 than 26, eliminated Mandy, leaving Tali and Malissa. While I can't say that I love the spelling of Malissa's name, she's my pick for the winner. Yes, she may break Luke's heart, but I think she's great! Team Malissa!!! (Tali's cool too but I want Malissa to win.) I guess I just don't get these Bachelor type shows, in any case. Like, how is it that everyone's drawn to whoever the person on the show is? Is it fame-seeking? The need to find love that you'll love whoever's closest? Or really good personality research to find great matches? I just don't know!

Speaking of dating shows, has anyone been keeping up with My Antonio? I like it. Although I think the whole Tully thing is quite staged. I really do, sadly, want Antonio to end up with Tully. Yes, she's on the show to make trouble, but a reconciled marriage would be so romantic. And, she looks awesome for her age!

In non reality TV news, Glee was on this week. I liked Glee, but I'm not sure how the season will pan out. I liked Privileged, too, but that got panned. 90210 is back, but I think I'll skip season's just not worth it.

Oh yeah, and Michelle Duggar is pregnant again. Yikes! That baby's niece will be younger than him or her. What can I say, though...I love watching 18 Kids and Counting!

OMG...The Sterling kids are AshLynn and BreAnne, BriLeigh and AinsLee. WTF RanDom CapiTals?!? And isn't BriLeigh, like half of BreAnne and AinsLee? Poor AinsLee! That is by far the worst of all!!! (How do you say BriLeigh anyway? Bry-lee? Bree-lee? Reminds me of Brillo.) The other kid is Brooklyn...where's the random capital? You're letting us down, Jamie Sterling!

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