Monday, September 28, 2009

Flavor of Love's Pumpkin on Judge Pirro

I happened to flip on the tv today and saw Judge Pirro on the screen. Amazingly, there was a preview showing that Brooke Thompson, AKA Pumpkin from Flavor of Love was on! If there was ever proof that people go on this show for fame, rather than legal reasons, this is it. She was on there with an ex-friend suing for the $4,700 or something that she lent her for a boob job. The whole thing was so staged. Pumpkin was like, ugh, I hate her, she owes me money! Clearly, though, both Pumpkin and her friend looked fine and happy! No hate there! My thought is that Pumpkin and her friend were both after some more fame. Pumpkin even talks about her time on VH1 during the show! (She was on Flavor of Love, Charm School and I Love Money.) She wants more fame – let’s face it. But you know what, I think Pumpkin rocks, so it’s all good! I’m so glad I caught this episode.

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