Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some random things

I found Toddlers & Tiaras strangely agreeable. One girl, Alicia I believe, started in pageants to build her self esteem when she was diagnosed with a disease and was told that she'd no longer grow. From what I saw, pageants really do help with her self esteem, and I can totally respect that. Props to her parents for the pageant entries!

On More to Love, not much happened. Dates occurred, eliminations occurred, more of the same. However, I can't stop watching. The thing is, is it me or does Luke look older than 26?

Despite debating with myself about doing so, I started watching My Antonio, starring Antonio Sabato Jr. This show is a must watch. From surprise eliminations to his mom and ex-wife appearing on the show, this is going to be something to keep viewing. I know the season's just begun, and this outcome is unlikely, but I'd like him to choose his ex-wife as the winner. That would be such a success for an unlikely love story.

If you haven't heard, Megan Wants a Millionaire is off the air for now. I'm sad that it won't be on, but the reasoning behind it is quite justified. Look it up - the reason will shock you! The news article I read said the contestant in question also filmed another reality show in Mexico, which leads me to believe that it was I Love Money. I wonder what the fate of that show will be.

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