Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reality TV: A Week in Review

First thing's first: I am still shocked by Jamie Sterling's actions with her daughters AshLynn Sterling & BreAnne Sterling on Toddlers & Tiaras. Granted, the episode aired a few weeks ago, but the other episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras have paled in comparison. (If you have not yet read it, read my thoughts on Jamie Sterling & the episode about their beauty pageant experience a few posts below.)

Second, what is with the names on reality TV these days? Toddlers and Tiaras is the worst, featuring names like Makynli. And also BreAnne and AshLynn. Both names are okay spelled normally, but what's with the random capital letters? Last season gave us some weird spellings too: Marleigh, Karlee, Daylee...are we seeing a trend here?

Anyway, onto this week. I tried watching Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle on VH1. Let's just say it's a yawn and a half. We've already been there, done that. The girls are not exciting, and the whole thing seems even more contrived than the typical reality TV show. I say skip this one.

A show not to miss is Megan Wants a Millionaire, also on VH1. This reality dating show is cut from a different fabric. Granted, it has the same elimination format, but Megan, and the narrator, make this show a must see. My favorite part of this week's episode was when Garth (the millionaire plumber) told Megan that her credit was declined and he wanted to leave the show. Megan, who obviously did not care, especially after Garth's rendition of "Love Mode," pretty much talked him down until he looked like a sad puppy and agreed to stay. Megan told him to stay, and he said something like, "Until the end?" to which she told him to wait and see. Lo and behold, she gave Garth the boot at the end of the episode. Clearly, Megan was not attracted to Garth at all, and he had a right to want to leave...but the girl sure can play mind games. And, she's smart at it! As much as I hate to admit it, Megan Hauserman was made for reality TV.

I watched Dating in the Dark this week. Very interesting! It may have actually been last week's episode that I saw, but in any case, all three girls liked one guy when they saw't see him when meeting in the dark. Once they saw him, all three decided not to go for him. Ouch. The truth was, though, he wasn't a bad looking guy - one girl said he wouldn't fit in with her friends, and the others thought he was too young. This show was an interesting study in how people view attractiveness and looks, as far as relationships go.

A favorite (guilty pleasure) of mine was "More to Love." Realistically, I feel like this should just be another dating show which does not focus on weight, but when I mentioned this to people, they basically said, "Put a size two girl next to a size sixteen and see who the guy likes more." This is realistic, and I really didn't have an argument for it. In any case, it surprised me how fast all of these girls fell for the love interest, Luke. It just seems so unnatural to me that all of these girls were immediately into him. It's not like he's a celebrity or something. (Note: he looks way older than 26, so I'm not really sure what's going on there.) Anyway, all of the girls instantly loved this guy. I feel like at least one should have been like, "You know, Luke just is not the guy for me!" However, the reason I think all of the girls liked Luke so much instantly is because they all have low self esteem and bad dating history. I know lots of successful, engaged or married heavy girls. None of them would dream of going on a reality TV show to find love. (Or maybe they would dream of it, but none of them did it.) All of these girls, though, talk about never having been in love, never having a date, how they're the fat girl out of their group, etc. This is clearly a class of women who have pain and low self esteem. Wait, let me clarify: these seem to be successful, attractive girls who happen to be heavy and have low self esteem. I really do hope that the women on More to Love that do not get chosen find love after the show. I mean, there are plenty of guys out there that like curvy girls, and this show will give these girls access to a much wider range of guys.

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