Monday, July 27, 2009

My Open Letter to Jamie Sterling

See below for the open letter I wrote about the Sterling family on Toddlers & Tiaras:

I feel so bad for AshLynn Sterling! (And kind of bad for BreAnne Sterling too, actually.)


Resilient said...

I did a search on the Sterling family because I myself wanted to find out how to express my outrage after seeing this episode. This mother is clearly abusive and the father needs to stand up for the kids. My son was watching the episode with me (he is 6) and even he said "some people shouldn't be allowed to be moms". I hurt for Ashlynn. The scene where she was beaming about her award from the pageant, and then her sister basically told her that she didn't really win because "mommy told me that I won" did me in. I could see in Ashlynn's eyes that she was clearly hurting. I sincerely hope that this family seeks help after seeing this show.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, check this out:

Scroll down and you should see something about Jamie and her girls. You can click the title and there's this weird picture/interview thing that you have to scroll through the pictures to read. Jamie sure paints herself differently than you get from the T&T show. I think she's really in denial is what I think.

Anonymous said...


AshLynn's "other talents"? Her Twin sister BriAnne.

Ariana said...

Jamie was such a jerk. She clearly favored BreAnn and trying to claim the show just "portrays" her that way would be BS. It was clear in her words and actions. In that interview posted in the comments she claims that one of her twins is "excelling" more... perhaps because Jamie favors BreAnn for winning. Truthfully, I actually thought AshLynn was the cuter of the two, but as for BreAnn "shinning" on stage... I didn't see much of a difference between the two. This mom is living in a fantasy world. As these girls get older and the competition gets tougher, I am sure she's in for a nasty surprise. I was so sad for AshLynn in that episode. Her mother couldn't even embrace her award, she was too busy telling BreAnn how great she is. Pathetic.

jen said...

I'm soooo mad at this woman.I have to channel my anger somewhere. How is this not called child abuse!! My husband and I cannot have Children and people like this abuse their children and there is nothing you can do.I only pray that she changes her way and starts being a loving mother to all of them. Maybe after dad sees this on tv he will step up.