Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daisy of Love: A Season in Review

"Daisy, WHYYYY?" was my first thought as Daisy De La Hoya chose London at the end of Daisy of Love. I understand she liked him, but I think she was asking for trouble. And really, why did Riki Rachtman allow him back in the first place?

Below are some people who I think were cheated during the show, or who had a notable effect on me.

Sinister: I get that he and Daisy didn't have a connection, at least in her perspective. But Sinister basically broke my heart in his exit speech when he said something like, "Even though Daisy doesn't love me, maybe somebody else will." Well, Sinister, I'm sure now that Daisy of Love has ended, girls will be throwing themselves at you, and I hope you find the right person. I felt so bad for Sinister - he really seemed like a nice guy. Yes, the guitar smashing was rough, but we've all got pain. It's okay to get mad! The situation sucked! However, it was a reality show, and that's the way it is. Derrick Tribbet, I do hope you find your love.

Chi Chi: As much as I thought Sinister rocked, I wasn't so much of a fan of Chi Chi. However, I can say that he seems like a genuinely nice, caring guy. No challenge to him, though. He was kind of transparent. Seriously, though, he was probably one of the most genuine, kind people in the house.

12 Pack: I think the collective VH1 Daisy of Love audience all thought, "Awww!" as they watched him get stranded at the airport. That SUCKED! 12 Pack (or Dave, as he preferred) was robbed. He should have won. He would have been great for Daisy. He would have kept her grounded. I think his intentions were truly genuine. 12 Pack should have won!!! (Maybe we'll see him with his own reality show next season, though!)

Flex: Poor Flex! Flex was awesome! The problem is that he's so young - 11 years Daisy's junior, I believe. I really don't think it would have worked. He's got so much life to live, and he will - especially with his newfound fame after the airing of Daisy of Love. All the best to Flex - Flex rocks!

London: London seemed genuine upon his return to the Daisy of Love house, but I think it wasn't fair to let him back in. I understand the whole forgive and forget thing, but this is reality TV! It's not real life (despite what is possibly a real outcome) and it's not fair. I think if London didn't come back, 12 Pack would have won.

Seriously, though, London seems like a cool guy. I love how he openly admitted that he was seeing girls back home. Daisy was so crushed by it, but London told it like it was: he thought it as over, so he saw other people. She really couldn't expect him to sulk over her forever!

I feel bad for thinking this, but I did not feel bad when Daisy was upset that not all of the guys ended up being that into her. In real life, not everyone is into one person, so why should it be so on reality TV? Yes, most of the guys were probably there for her for real, but if they don't connect with her, it's not their fault! Not everyone will love you, that is part of life.

I enjoyed watching this season of Daisy of Love, but I don't think I'd watch it if it came back again. Plus, I really do hope she finds happiness with London.

(Random: I wonder if VH1 has a web program that searches for posts and websites about their television shows. If so, Hi VH1!!!)

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