Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daisy of Love: A Season in Review

"Daisy, WHYYYY?" was my first thought as Daisy De La Hoya chose London at the end of Daisy of Love. I understand she liked him, but I think she was asking for trouble. And really, why did Riki Rachtman allow him back in the first place?

Below are some people who I think were cheated during the show, or who had a notable effect on me.

Sinister: I get that he and Daisy didn't have a connection, at least in her perspective. But Sinister basically broke my heart in his exit speech when he said something like, "Even though Daisy doesn't love me, maybe somebody else will." Well, Sinister, I'm sure now that Daisy of Love has ended, girls will be throwing themselves at you, and I hope you find the right person. I felt so bad for Sinister - he really seemed like a nice guy. Yes, the guitar smashing was rough, but we've all got pain. It's okay to get mad! The situation sucked! However, it was a reality show, and that's the way it is. Derrick Tribbet, I do hope you find your love.

Chi Chi: As much as I thought Sinister rocked, I wasn't so much of a fan of Chi Chi. However, I can say that he seems like a genuinely nice, caring guy. No challenge to him, though. He was kind of transparent. Seriously, though, he was probably one of the most genuine, kind people in the house.

12 Pack: I think the collective VH1 Daisy of Love audience all thought, "Awww!" as they watched him get stranded at the airport. That SUCKED! 12 Pack (or Dave, as he preferred) was robbed. He should have won. He would have been great for Daisy. He would have kept her grounded. I think his intentions were truly genuine. 12 Pack should have won!!! (Maybe we'll see him with his own reality show next season, though!)

Flex: Poor Flex! Flex was awesome! The problem is that he's so young - 11 years Daisy's junior, I believe. I really don't think it would have worked. He's got so much life to live, and he will - especially with his newfound fame after the airing of Daisy of Love. All the best to Flex - Flex rocks!

London: London seemed genuine upon his return to the Daisy of Love house, but I think it wasn't fair to let him back in. I understand the whole forgive and forget thing, but this is reality TV! It's not real life (despite what is possibly a real outcome) and it's not fair. I think if London didn't come back, 12 Pack would have won.

Seriously, though, London seems like a cool guy. I love how he openly admitted that he was seeing girls back home. Daisy was so crushed by it, but London told it like it was: he thought it as over, so he saw other people. She really couldn't expect him to sulk over her forever!

I feel bad for thinking this, but I did not feel bad when Daisy was upset that not all of the guys ended up being that into her. In real life, not everyone is into one person, so why should it be so on reality TV? Yes, most of the guys were probably there for her for real, but if they don't connect with her, it's not their fault! Not everyone will love you, that is part of life.

I enjoyed watching this season of Daisy of Love, but I don't think I'd watch it if it came back again. Plus, I really do hope she finds happiness with London.

(Random: I wonder if VH1 has a web program that searches for posts and websites about their television shows. If so, Hi VH1!!!)

Love her or hate her: Paris Hilton has created a brand for herself

Even if you aren't a fan of Paris Hilton, you've got to hand it to her: she created a brand. This brand is herself. Even when she gets bad press, people love to read it. And bad press is great for getting your name out there.

One thing about Paris is that she openly admits that she is a brand. And, she plays on it. For example, yesterday MTV aired Paris Hilton's My New BFF and Paris, Not France. The first is a reality show where Paris chooses a new best friend. Okay, so the concept's a little silly - competing to be someone's friend. Really, someone can have more than one best friend, and I think the winner probably signed a contract that says that Paris can dump them on TV in order to film a new season. (Example: the fate of season one Paris BFF winner Brittany.) In any case, the show allows a perfectly crafted Paris to show "true" emotions, while others create the drama. Even better than that, she gets to leverage her own power.

For example, Paris said her most embarrassing moment was when paparazzi photographed her getting out of a car, and then photoshopped a vagina where her green underwear were. First, I don't buy it for a second that it was her most embarrassing moment. She's had a sex tape, after all! However, it's amazing, and controlled, branding. She controls the media - it's her show! And fans and non-fans alike have watched it on MTV. And you know what? You kind of feel sorry for her for going through that! So, anyway, there's Paris, taking control of a situation and making you feel bad for thinking that she truly showed her coochie to the world - she's really a victim! Believe her story or not, it was very well played. Well played, Paris Hilton, well played.

Also, on Paris, Not France, Paris has some major PR positives:
- Involves her family. This is a major PR plus - it shows that they stand behind her no matter what.
-Talks about her sex tape. By discussing it, she takes back the power. She even covers for some of the mistakes that went into it. She gently disses Rick Salomon, and hints that the tape's release was illegal due to her age. (She said she was underage, obviously Rick said otherwise.) She also states that she trusted him. (She shows her volatile, human side.) She uses family values. (I took it off the shelves and ruined it because it was in a FAMILY store, not a porn shop!) And, she uses humor. (If I knew it would leak, I would have looked cuter!)

As for stuff she has her name branded on, it's such a win-win. Fans will wear her perfume and such because they are fans. Others may like it for what it is, and then sort of become fans. She makes millions, she makes fans, and most of all, Paris just wins.

You've got to give it to Paris - she owns it when she falls. She owns it when she wins. She owns it when she tries to trick people. (Remember that very short lived VH1 show where she gave away a necklace while lunching with a spiritual leader?) In any case, Paris has created a very strong brand. Strong enough that people will fight to be her friend...on TV. Men will wear heels, girls will make out with engaged strangers, and more. That's power - and Paris Hilton, she's got it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Open Letter to Jamie Sterling

See below for the open letter I wrote about the Sterling family on Toddlers & Tiaras:

I feel so bad for AshLynn Sterling! (And kind of bad for BreAnne Sterling too, actually.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras - Season 2 Premiere

Did anyone see the Toddlers & Tiaras - Season 2 Premiere? The mom of the five girls (two of which are twins), Jamie Sterling, drove me nuts. I felt terrible for her daughter AshLynn. (First of all, I'm not a fan of capitals in the middle of names like AshLynn and BreAnne, but whatever.) She was like, BreAnn looks a lot like mommy, and AshLynn has a bigger nose and is really thin or something.

Poor AshLynn! The whole time, it was so obvious that Jamie Sterling preferred BreAnne over AshLynn. My heart broke for AshLynn, especially when Jamie "forgot" to fix her dress (which maybe I believe), when Jamie was saying how she couldn't believe that AshLynn won directors choice, and more. I mean, how condescending! And it was awful when Jamie told BreAnne that she really won when AshLynn clearly just needed a moment of glory. AshLynn was so humble and proud, and BreAnne just took that all away from her. Also, when Jamie said she bought a new dress, trying to pretend it was for both of them, but it was really for BreAnne...that was just sad.

My heart goes out to AshLynn, who just wants to try hard and please herself and her mom. Seriously, though, if Jamie thinks only BreAnne is good enough, why isn't only BreAnne in pageants? Why put AshLynn through the pain?

Friday, July 3, 2009

English / Russian / English Translation Madness: How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Challenge

As you may know, I write for I wrote the following article:

I then googled "cadence ehow" and found this in Russian:

To make sure I wasn't going nuts, I translated the site in Altavista to see (sort of) what the Russain version said, to make sure it was in fact the same article.

It was, but the translation was pretty funny. The English to Russian (on the web) to English translation of my article is as follows:

As to create your own problem of decrease in weight

intonation, a participant in eHowEstimation By of cadence, eHow Of member Norma: (6 estimations) (6 Ratings) Ratings) You and some friends or colleagues do want to lose weight? This list will help you to create the problem of the decrease in weight of amusement and [motivatsii].Do

  1. Step 1

    Gather some friends, the family members or colleagues, who want to lose weight. Say to them that you want to begin the problem of decrease in weight. Be certified that all are planned to lose weight healthily.

  2. Step 2

    You will ask so that all participants would endow ten dollars to the reason for decrease in weight. Take all money and you will purchase the map of gift. (Maps of the gift of bank, which can be spent on anything, they are large selection.)

  3. Step 3

    You will establish the date of the beginning of decrease in weight and the date of end. Have to weigh - explosive the first day. Plan weighing during the middle of competition, and weighing during the past day.

  4. Step 4

    Begin to grow thin! Have encounters, thus all can justify each other. You remember, the map of gift - large prize, but all must be favorable to all rest. This is - friendly competition.

  5. Step 5

    At the end problem, make a finale it is weighed. Men, which lost the majority of victories the map of gift.