Saturday, December 26, 2009

Teen Mom on MTV: I Feel Bad for Catelynn.

Catelynn and Tyler, kids on MTV's Teen Mom (formerly 16 and Pregnant) were prominently featured on this week's episode of Teen Mom. The struggle between Catelynn, her mother and her stepdad was portrayed very clearly, and not in a positive light.

My first thought was wondering how Catelynn's stepfather (who I believe is Tyler's dad) acted the way he did on television. I can see it happening privately, bu this show is aired on MTV!

In any case, I feel terrible for Catelynn. She and Tyler made a huge decision to allow their child to have a great life. They knew and understood their limitations, and made a courageous decision to give their child up for adoption. I don't understand how Catelynn's stepfather can be so cruel about that. Aside from that, it made me feel uncomfortable that Catelynn's mother just stood by as the drama unfolded. She should have stuck up for Catelynn.

It's so weird to me that Catelynn's family didn't want her to give up her child for adoption. Children cost money and time, and I'm not totally convinced that the family had either one of those things to share with the child. Adoption is not the end of communication. Catelynn and Tyler receive pictures and communications from Brandon and Theresa. They get, in a sense, the best of both worlds from a tough situation.

What I really admire is that Catelynn and Tyler are still together as a couple. This kind of thing can tear couples apart, and even at their young age, they prevailed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tough Love: Is Tina Dateable?

If you watched Tough Love this week, you saw the panel of male judges tell Tina that she was dateable, despite having a yearlong affair with a married man, because she showed remorse. What do you think about this? I would say Tina is dateable (as the panel agreed, but the girls at Boot Camp did not) because was remorseful about the event. I haven't been involved in a situation like that, but I can imagine that Tina probably felt a huge rush during the whole situation, which seems like such a deviation from her career-oriented personality. I kind of wonder how the situation ended, though - did she break it off? Did he? Even if she was involved for a year and then broke it off, I'd give her credit. It's a tough situation to be in, and breaking away is such an important thing to do.

Now, on to Jersey Shore. MTV is brilliant. Totally brilliant. As you probably know, Nicole (aka Snooki) was punched in the face by a man at a bar. Before the episode aired, MTV showed the event in the show's previews. MTV gave the clip to gossip shows like TMZ. I'm sure the video can be found all over the internet. Yet when the show aired, MTV blacked out the shot. I have a couple theories on why they did this. First, this makes MTV look responsible because advocacy groups asked that the clip not be aired. Second, this gave MTV a reason to leak the clip to news outlets, garnering more publicity, and to gain even more publicity when viewers who could not see the event on TV looked it up online. MTV, you sure know how to create controversy, make money and gain viewers.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jersey Shore

Did anyone watch the premiere of Jersey Shore this week? It was like a trainwreck – mostly horrifying, but impossible to look away. I was surprised when it began, because I was expecting it to be a reality show like True Life, where a bunch of friends do something and MTV documents it. However, it turned out to be a show like The Real World. It was cast with people from the New Jersey, however most people were not actually from New Jersey.

This show is a great win for MTV. First of all, MTV gets lots of publicity because Italian American publications are protesting it because it portrays a negative image of Italian Americans. (Realistically, most people should know that a few people do not represent a whole group, but whatever.) I see their reasons for protesting, however, the people on this show are on the show voluntarily, and they know how they’re portraying themselves.

Secondly, MTV must have filmed this house on a shoestring budget. The people on the show actually have to work at a T-shirt store to get paid (which makes me believe that their payment for being on the show is minimal), and although the house is in a great location & has a great layout, the rent couldn’t have been too expensive because the house wasn’t huge and it looks like it hasn’t been redecorated since the seventies. You can see the camera crew struggling to work around the thin, wood-paneled hallway. (I wonder if the house’s owner will redecorate the house with the MTV earnings he gets.)

Plus, the show got lots of publicity when the participants were out in public selling things at the t-shirt store. People probably watched the show just to see if they’d be on it! The t-shirt store probably made millions from having the show filmed there, as well.

I do feel bad for the girls and guys who stopped by the house and were portrayed pretty horribly. I hope the girls who were in the hot tub with the guys can laugh off the incident. (I mean, they got a little crazy and the guys didn’t eve think that they were that pretty!)

My verdict on this show: it’s pretty awful, but totally worth watching. The nicknames everyone has even make it worth it. Mike “The Situation” loves to tell everyone things like, “You love The Situation!” Nicole, who goes by Snooki, gets called Snickers by everyone by accident. And, JWoww? I get it, but really?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rocky from "I Know My Kid's a Star" appears of "Tough Love."

Remember Rocky, the mom who pimped her kid out on the VH1 reality show "I Know My Kid's a Star"? Well, she's back, this time on season two of "Tough Love". I really liked season one of "Tough Love", but this season's really not doing it for me, especially because Rocky's there. Not for one second do I believe she's on the show to truly find love. I think her reality TV agent had the hookup to get her back on VH1 or something. In any case, I think Jenna's great, and Elizabeth is cool too. I am hoping for the best for them and all of the others. However, I hope Rocky's gone soon because she's clearly just there for the TV exposure.

Who is raising her 11 year old while she's on TV, may I ask?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Amazing Race

This week on The Amazing Race, the teams had to take a ferry to find their next clue. Of course, there has to be a catch, as the first team to arrive found out. That catch would be the long number of hours until the ferry leaves. The people on the teams didn't know what to do - and really, that makes sense. I mean, you're in the middle of this race and all of a sudden, you have downtime? That's kind of crazy!

This delay turned out to be a great equalizer for all of the teams, since the delay took away any advantage of being in the lead.

Later, the teams had to obtain what appeared to be a blank scroll, but contained words that could be seen when held up to candlelight. The Globetrotters did not have much luck with this, as their team member chose to color his with crayon instead, hoping that was the way to find the message.

They also had to go in a sauna with locals...which sounds like it could be very pleasant, or maybe not! It certainly was for the father and son team, who were joined by a young blonde woman.

One person had a lot of trouble saying candelabra. He was saying, "What's a candle - uh - bra? I have no idea what that is!"

Mud volleyball turned out to be a muddy mess, but it was entertaining!

Meghan & Cheyne were victorious, and they met their goal of being in the final 3.

The Girls Next Door & The New Duggar Baby

I really wanted to hate the new Girls Next Door, but I will say, they are entertaining. Crystal and Holly really are a lot alike, which is good because I liked Holly, and the twins, as much as I want to dislike them, are entertaining. Their pole dancing in last week's episode was pretty awesome!

Oh yeah, and I realize that I'm a bit late on this, but Josh and Anna Duggar had their baby - Mackynzie Renee. I'm all for Mackenzie Renee, but Mackynzie? To me, that spells Mac-KINZ-ee, not Mac-KENZ-ee. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just some updates

My Antonio ended last week, and was so boring that I barely remember who won. It was one of the blondes, Brooke, I think. At the end, everything was so amicable. No storming off, no anger - just happiness for the winning girl. That's a good thing, but not so good for reality TV.

This week, Stew and Amanda went home on Tool Academy. Despite his protests, Stew was obviously there for the money. I was a big Stew & Amanda supporter until the last few episodes, when his money grubbing side caeme out and her immaturity became pretty apparent. I do hope it works out for them, though.

On Tool Academy, even though it's been over a week since his departure, I am glad that Charm is gone. I don't think he was changing enough to warrant being there, especially with his outburst at the end. So, sorry Charm, but I was glad to see you go.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

King of the Crown and Toddlers & Tiaras.

TLC loves pageants. Because of this, a new show began this week: King of the Crown. It's about a pageant coach who helps is young adult beauty queens try to win at pageants. I kind of liked it. Watching Kaleigh try to lose weight inspired me to put down the potato chips and pick up the weights. (I mean this literally - I threw the potato chip crumbs in the garbage and picked up my seven pound weights as I finished watching the show.) The part I found really interesting was watching Lauren Caitlin Upton overcome her Miss USA fiasco and win the pageant on the show. I'm glad she did the show - it was a way to get the redemption she probably desperately wanted. I gave her props for getting back onstage. However, this was also another way to get back in the spotlight? Is she after a career in show business now?

Toddlers & Tiaras this week was alright, although the names were pretty bad. (Not as bad as Sparkal Queenz, but still.) Anyway, we have a Mckenzie, a Bayleigh and a Kragen. Yes, Kragen. KRAGEN. Doesn't that sound like some kind of dinosaur? Sort of? Seriously, I'll feel terrible if it's some kind of family name, but realistically, Kragen? Anyway, the problem I have with Bayleigh and Mckenzie is the issue of spelling. I mean, Bayleigh's okay, but what's wrong with Bailey? And Mckenzie? It's missing a vowel!

Both episodes talked about butt glue - I did find that amusing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Flavor of Love's Pumpkin on Judge Pirro

I happened to flip on the tv today and saw Judge Pirro on the screen. Amazingly, there was a preview showing that Brooke Thompson, AKA Pumpkin from Flavor of Love was on! If there was ever proof that people go on this show for fame, rather than legal reasons, this is it. She was on there with an ex-friend suing for the $4,700 or something that she lent her for a boob job. The whole thing was so staged. Pumpkin was like, ugh, I hate her, she owes me money! Clearly, though, both Pumpkin and her friend looked fine and happy! No hate there! My thought is that Pumpkin and her friend were both after some more fame. Pumpkin even talks about her time on VH1 during the show! (She was on Flavor of Love, Charm School and I Love Money.) She wants more fame – let’s face it. But you know what, I think Pumpkin rocks, so it’s all good! I’m so glad I caught this episode.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Amazing Race 15: Season Premiere

The Amazing Race 15 premiered tonight. And to be honest, I'd rather call it the Eh-mazing Race. Why? Well, it was 'eh.' Not great, not awful, not terribly memorable. Just kind of 'eh.'

Episode one of The Amazing Race 15 began like any other reality show. How is that, you may ask? Well, it started with some dramatic music. After that, there was a man with a deep voice saying very dramatic things that aren't really dramatic. In this case, it was an announcement about being near the Los Angeles river, and all of the drama that would follow. You know the stuff - we start with twelve teams, and not all of them will make it through today. It sounds so final, but in reality, the eliminated contestants get to go home, or even better, to an offsite hotel so they can't spoil the plot by walking around in society. Reality TV life is good.

Anyway, the show began by introducing the teams. A notable team was Ericka Dunlap and her husband. Who's Ericka Dunlap? You probably don't know, right? She's a former Miss America winner. She probably saw this as a great opportunity to jump back into the media. After all, pageant contestants get more press for falling on their butts (like the Miss USA whose name I forgot) or making drama like Carrie Prejean, who had a sex tape with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. Anyway, America loves pageant queens, apparently, so this was a great opportunity for Ericka.

You've also got the other stereotypes: the muscle team, the strategic team, the we-want-to-be-famous team (singers, this time), the somewhat famous team (basketball players) and the underdogs: Zev and Justin. You know what, though? I like Zev and Justin. It takes guts to get out there and talk about having Aspergers. If Zev moved ahead and overcame the difficulties caused by his disability to win The Amazing Race, it would be excellent motivation for the thousands of kids out there with Aspergers Syndrome. Somehow, this seems less exploitative than it did when America's Next Top Model showed the contestants talking about how weird Heather was due to her Aspergers.

As the race began, the host told the contestants that they would encounter "every possible obstacle." Really? Every possible obstacle? Does that include my mother in law? Because that's quite a challenge for me! Seriously, I'm all for seeing these teams overcome obstacles, but seriously? Every possible obstacle?

He then noted that the contestants could win one million dollars in a way that half reminded me of Dr. Evil, and half reminded me of a person who wished he was making that kind of money himself.

As it turns out, Eric and Lisa were the first to go. They actually had a positive attitude, stating "We took the beating for everybody. We set them free." Now, that's great and all, but really, well, they didn't. They came in last place. However, I've got to give them credit. They could have gotten angry, but they handled the loss very well. Props to Eric and Lisa for being great game players. I hope you get a chance at another competition.

Maria and Tiffany, the professional poker players, showed their strategic sides right away. They stated that they didn't want anyone to know that they make money because people wouldn't want to help them. Well played!

My overall review of this show - I could do without it. It's okay, but I don't think I could really follow this whole season. None of the contestants really stood out in a good way - or a bad way. No one was amazing, and no one was pure evil. Maybe the players' true colors will emerge as the show goes on, though. We will see! What we really need is a Speidi (like on the Hills) or something like that.

If you're looking for more info about the show, and who was victorious in episode one of The Amazing Race 15, read this article. It's great and very informative. Plus, the writer is awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sparkal Queenz?!?!?

Okay, okay, what? Let's take a step back here. Toddlers and Tiaras has given us some absolutely awful names before, but this one takes the cake.

A little girl's name...

Sparkal Queenz.

Her mom's last name is Queenz, although I kind of feel that she made it up. Anyway, this is not the issue at hand here. The girl's name is Sparkal. Okay, Sparkle would be weird. But Sparkal? SPARKAL?!? When you take a word and make it a name, at least spell it correctly!

Watch her YouTube videos that her mom makes...she's grooming her daughter to want to be in the limelight. I think it scares me.

The best Toddlers & Tiara's quote of the night: I'm a pageant mom. Probably no worse than a welfare mom.

Wow, just wow.

In other reality news, Luke chose Tali over Malissa on More to Love. I have to say, I was on Team Malissa, but she really was on the show for the experience, not for love. I do believe she was hurt when she wasn't chosen, though. In any case, all the best to Luke and Tali. Hopefully we'll find out if it works for them.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras - I can't get enough!

While I still can't get over how sick Jamie Sterling made me feel on Toddlers & Tiaras with her daughter AshLynn Sterling (see rant a few entries back), I think next week's episode may be somewhat close to that. The previews make it look pretty bad. We will see.

That being said, this week's episode of Toddlers & Tiara's didn't drive me too crazy. Except for the beauty salon called "Head'z to Toe'z" or something. Okay, the Z thing I can deal with, but unnecessary apostrophes? Come on now! Didn't the signmaker see any problem with this madness?

I couldn't find any really bad names this week...sure, Haley's not my favorite spelling of the name, but it's definitely legit. Props to the parents on this week's episode for naming their kids, well, names. You know, without gratuitous capital letters. (I'm talking about you, Jamie Sterling...AshLynn and BreAnne do not need those mid-first-name capitals.)

Speaking of, I wonder what happened to Jamie Sterling's marriage after this episode aired. I wonder if her husband took a second look at her pageant lifestyle and made Jamie stop what she was doing. I sure hope so! I'd love to know, if anyone happens to have an update.

You know, it was interesting what a stark contrast the Sterlings are from the family that was on Toddlers & Tiaras last week. I don't remember the kids' names, but the mom had one daughter pretend to be a year older than she was (11 vs. 10) because she didn't want her daughters competing against each other. Major props to this mom! Kids should not compete in that capacity.

On More to Love this week, Luke, who looks more like 36 than 26, eliminated Mandy, leaving Tali and Malissa. While I can't say that I love the spelling of Malissa's name, she's my pick for the winner. Yes, she may break Luke's heart, but I think she's great! Team Malissa!!! (Tali's cool too but I want Malissa to win.) I guess I just don't get these Bachelor type shows, in any case. Like, how is it that everyone's drawn to whoever the person on the show is? Is it fame-seeking? The need to find love that you'll love whoever's closest? Or really good personality research to find great matches? I just don't know!

Speaking of dating shows, has anyone been keeping up with My Antonio? I like it. Although I think the whole Tully thing is quite staged. I really do, sadly, want Antonio to end up with Tully. Yes, she's on the show to make trouble, but a reconciled marriage would be so romantic. And, she looks awesome for her age!

In non reality TV news, Glee was on this week. I liked Glee, but I'm not sure how the season will pan out. I liked Privileged, too, but that got panned. 90210 is back, but I think I'll skip season's just not worth it.

Oh yeah, and Michelle Duggar is pregnant again. Yikes! That baby's niece will be younger than him or her. What can I say, though...I love watching 18 Kids and Counting!

OMG...The Sterling kids are AshLynn and BreAnne, BriLeigh and AinsLee. WTF RanDom CapiTals?!? And isn't BriLeigh, like half of BreAnne and AinsLee? Poor AinsLee! That is by far the worst of all!!! (How do you say BriLeigh anyway? Bry-lee? Bree-lee? Reminds me of Brillo.) The other kid is Brooklyn...where's the random capital? You're letting us down, Jamie Sterling!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras Did It Again!

I often wonder if parents think about their kids' well being when giving them names. Toddlers & Tiaras, once again, has given us a name that makes me want to scream.

So, before I begin, I will note that I love the name Alessandra. I love it. It's pretty, classy, unique, and ageless. However, I saw a variation of this on Toddlers & Tiaras that made me want to cringe:


That's right.
Tack Alice (sort of) and Saundra together and get Alycesaundra. I almost want to say this as Alice-uh-saundra. Or Alyssa Saundra. I mean, I get it...but saying that it is pronounced Alessandra (or Alessaundra) is a stretch.

That reminds me of American Idol a few years back where we saw Aliceyn, or something like it. Creativity is going crazy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some random things

I found Toddlers & Tiaras strangely agreeable. One girl, Alicia I believe, started in pageants to build her self esteem when she was diagnosed with a disease and was told that she'd no longer grow. From what I saw, pageants really do help with her self esteem, and I can totally respect that. Props to her parents for the pageant entries!

On More to Love, not much happened. Dates occurred, eliminations occurred, more of the same. However, I can't stop watching. The thing is, is it me or does Luke look older than 26?

Despite debating with myself about doing so, I started watching My Antonio, starring Antonio Sabato Jr. This show is a must watch. From surprise eliminations to his mom and ex-wife appearing on the show, this is going to be something to keep viewing. I know the season's just begun, and this outcome is unlikely, but I'd like him to choose his ex-wife as the winner. That would be such a success for an unlikely love story.

If you haven't heard, Megan Wants a Millionaire is off the air for now. I'm sad that it won't be on, but the reasoning behind it is quite justified. Look it up - the reason will shock you! The news article I read said the contestant in question also filmed another reality show in Mexico, which leads me to believe that it was I Love Money. I wonder what the fate of that show will be.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reality TV: A Week in Review

First thing's first: I am still shocked by Jamie Sterling's actions with her daughters AshLynn Sterling & BreAnne Sterling on Toddlers & Tiaras. Granted, the episode aired a few weeks ago, but the other episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras have paled in comparison. (If you have not yet read it, read my thoughts on Jamie Sterling & the episode about their beauty pageant experience a few posts below.)

Second, what is with the names on reality TV these days? Toddlers and Tiaras is the worst, featuring names like Makynli. And also BreAnne and AshLynn. Both names are okay spelled normally, but what's with the random capital letters? Last season gave us some weird spellings too: Marleigh, Karlee, Daylee...are we seeing a trend here?

Anyway, onto this week. I tried watching Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle on VH1. Let's just say it's a yawn and a half. We've already been there, done that. The girls are not exciting, and the whole thing seems even more contrived than the typical reality TV show. I say skip this one.

A show not to miss is Megan Wants a Millionaire, also on VH1. This reality dating show is cut from a different fabric. Granted, it has the same elimination format, but Megan, and the narrator, make this show a must see. My favorite part of this week's episode was when Garth (the millionaire plumber) told Megan that her credit was declined and he wanted to leave the show. Megan, who obviously did not care, especially after Garth's rendition of "Love Mode," pretty much talked him down until he looked like a sad puppy and agreed to stay. Megan told him to stay, and he said something like, "Until the end?" to which she told him to wait and see. Lo and behold, she gave Garth the boot at the end of the episode. Clearly, Megan was not attracted to Garth at all, and he had a right to want to leave...but the girl sure can play mind games. And, she's smart at it! As much as I hate to admit it, Megan Hauserman was made for reality TV.

I watched Dating in the Dark this week. Very interesting! It may have actually been last week's episode that I saw, but in any case, all three girls liked one guy when they saw't see him when meeting in the dark. Once they saw him, all three decided not to go for him. Ouch. The truth was, though, he wasn't a bad looking guy - one girl said he wouldn't fit in with her friends, and the others thought he was too young. This show was an interesting study in how people view attractiveness and looks, as far as relationships go.

A favorite (guilty pleasure) of mine was "More to Love." Realistically, I feel like this should just be another dating show which does not focus on weight, but when I mentioned this to people, they basically said, "Put a size two girl next to a size sixteen and see who the guy likes more." This is realistic, and I really didn't have an argument for it. In any case, it surprised me how fast all of these girls fell for the love interest, Luke. It just seems so unnatural to me that all of these girls were immediately into him. It's not like he's a celebrity or something. (Note: he looks way older than 26, so I'm not really sure what's going on there.) Anyway, all of the girls instantly loved this guy. I feel like at least one should have been like, "You know, Luke just is not the guy for me!" However, the reason I think all of the girls liked Luke so much instantly is because they all have low self esteem and bad dating history. I know lots of successful, engaged or married heavy girls. None of them would dream of going on a reality TV show to find love. (Or maybe they would dream of it, but none of them did it.) All of these girls, though, talk about never having been in love, never having a date, how they're the fat girl out of their group, etc. This is clearly a class of women who have pain and low self esteem. Wait, let me clarify: these seem to be successful, attractive girls who happen to be heavy and have low self esteem. I really do hope that the women on More to Love that do not get chosen find love after the show. I mean, there are plenty of guys out there that like curvy girls, and this show will give these girls access to a much wider range of guys.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Megan Wants a Millionaire - Megan Hauserman

Just a few notes before I begin, and some are super random: did you know that the show was originally going to be called Trophy Wife, according to Wikipedia? Also, did anyone see Toddlers & Tiaras last week? A girl's name was Makynli. McKinley's not so bad, and I almost like it, but Makynli? How unbalanced do you want the name to look, geez!

Last night was the premiere of Megan Wants a Millionaire, starring Megan Hauserman, on VH1. Now, I can’t say that I’m Megan’s biggest fan after her shenanigans on Rock of Love and I Love Money, but the girl is smart! She played the ditz-turned-smart girl on Beauty and the Geek, made trouble on Rock of Love and I Love Money, and now has her very own reality show. (I think she was on Blind Date, too.)
In any case, Megan is the girl you love to hate, or just can’t stand at all. She makes trouble, relies on her body rather than her mind (on the surface, anyway) and is all about being a gold digger.
However, the girl does some things right. According to Wikipedia, she put her Beauty and the Geek winnings towards her mortgage. She has a degree in accounting. And, she can mess with people’s minds like nobody’s business.
Megan hit reality gold with her own show, Megan Wants a Millionaire, where men will compete to win her love and hand over their hard earned cash. She did two very smart things right from the start – well, one thing, two people. She brought Cecille Garr from Beauty and the Geek and Brandi C. (Brandi Cunningham) from Rock of Love on her new show. So, not only will she attract her fans to watch her show, but she’ll attract theirs too. The only flaw that I can foresee is that both Cecille and Brandi C. look great, and that might cause a guy or two to stray. We’ll see!
The show is also reality gold because of the guys that appear. One guy is so boring it’s amazing, but he’s a movie producer. Another guy is a bit rough around the edges, to say the least. Another is a stripper and has a birthmark that looks like a moustache on his stomach. And another is a plumber. Yes, a plumber.
Even if you aren’t a fan of Megan Hauserman, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from this trainwreck of a reality dating show. It’s great to watch these guys go nuts for Megan because of her bikini-model body and reality show stardom. It’s especially great to watch the really awkward guys, and watch Megan struggle with which guy to send home.
My take: watch it. I kind of hate to support Megan’s quest for “love” and money (notice only one is in quotes), but it’s a great watch, especially with the great commentator.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daisy of Love: A Season in Review

"Daisy, WHYYYY?" was my first thought as Daisy De La Hoya chose London at the end of Daisy of Love. I understand she liked him, but I think she was asking for trouble. And really, why did Riki Rachtman allow him back in the first place?

Below are some people who I think were cheated during the show, or who had a notable effect on me.

Sinister: I get that he and Daisy didn't have a connection, at least in her perspective. But Sinister basically broke my heart in his exit speech when he said something like, "Even though Daisy doesn't love me, maybe somebody else will." Well, Sinister, I'm sure now that Daisy of Love has ended, girls will be throwing themselves at you, and I hope you find the right person. I felt so bad for Sinister - he really seemed like a nice guy. Yes, the guitar smashing was rough, but we've all got pain. It's okay to get mad! The situation sucked! However, it was a reality show, and that's the way it is. Derrick Tribbet, I do hope you find your love.

Chi Chi: As much as I thought Sinister rocked, I wasn't so much of a fan of Chi Chi. However, I can say that he seems like a genuinely nice, caring guy. No challenge to him, though. He was kind of transparent. Seriously, though, he was probably one of the most genuine, kind people in the house.

12 Pack: I think the collective VH1 Daisy of Love audience all thought, "Awww!" as they watched him get stranded at the airport. That SUCKED! 12 Pack (or Dave, as he preferred) was robbed. He should have won. He would have been great for Daisy. He would have kept her grounded. I think his intentions were truly genuine. 12 Pack should have won!!! (Maybe we'll see him with his own reality show next season, though!)

Flex: Poor Flex! Flex was awesome! The problem is that he's so young - 11 years Daisy's junior, I believe. I really don't think it would have worked. He's got so much life to live, and he will - especially with his newfound fame after the airing of Daisy of Love. All the best to Flex - Flex rocks!

London: London seemed genuine upon his return to the Daisy of Love house, but I think it wasn't fair to let him back in. I understand the whole forgive and forget thing, but this is reality TV! It's not real life (despite what is possibly a real outcome) and it's not fair. I think if London didn't come back, 12 Pack would have won.

Seriously, though, London seems like a cool guy. I love how he openly admitted that he was seeing girls back home. Daisy was so crushed by it, but London told it like it was: he thought it as over, so he saw other people. She really couldn't expect him to sulk over her forever!

I feel bad for thinking this, but I did not feel bad when Daisy was upset that not all of the guys ended up being that into her. In real life, not everyone is into one person, so why should it be so on reality TV? Yes, most of the guys were probably there for her for real, but if they don't connect with her, it's not their fault! Not everyone will love you, that is part of life.

I enjoyed watching this season of Daisy of Love, but I don't think I'd watch it if it came back again. Plus, I really do hope she finds happiness with London.

(Random: I wonder if VH1 has a web program that searches for posts and websites about their television shows. If so, Hi VH1!!!)

Love her or hate her: Paris Hilton has created a brand for herself

Even if you aren't a fan of Paris Hilton, you've got to hand it to her: she created a brand. This brand is herself. Even when she gets bad press, people love to read it. And bad press is great for getting your name out there.

One thing about Paris is that she openly admits that she is a brand. And, she plays on it. For example, yesterday MTV aired Paris Hilton's My New BFF and Paris, Not France. The first is a reality show where Paris chooses a new best friend. Okay, so the concept's a little silly - competing to be someone's friend. Really, someone can have more than one best friend, and I think the winner probably signed a contract that says that Paris can dump them on TV in order to film a new season. (Example: the fate of season one Paris BFF winner Brittany.) In any case, the show allows a perfectly crafted Paris to show "true" emotions, while others create the drama. Even better than that, she gets to leverage her own power.

For example, Paris said her most embarrassing moment was when paparazzi photographed her getting out of a car, and then photoshopped a vagina where her green underwear were. First, I don't buy it for a second that it was her most embarrassing moment. She's had a sex tape, after all! However, it's amazing, and controlled, branding. She controls the media - it's her show! And fans and non-fans alike have watched it on MTV. And you know what? You kind of feel sorry for her for going through that! So, anyway, there's Paris, taking control of a situation and making you feel bad for thinking that she truly showed her coochie to the world - she's really a victim! Believe her story or not, it was very well played. Well played, Paris Hilton, well played.

Also, on Paris, Not France, Paris has some major PR positives:
- Involves her family. This is a major PR plus - it shows that they stand behind her no matter what.
-Talks about her sex tape. By discussing it, she takes back the power. She even covers for some of the mistakes that went into it. She gently disses Rick Salomon, and hints that the tape's release was illegal due to her age. (She said she was underage, obviously Rick said otherwise.) She also states that she trusted him. (She shows her volatile, human side.) She uses family values. (I took it off the shelves and ruined it because it was in a FAMILY store, not a porn shop!) And, she uses humor. (If I knew it would leak, I would have looked cuter!)

As for stuff she has her name branded on, it's such a win-win. Fans will wear her perfume and such because they are fans. Others may like it for what it is, and then sort of become fans. She makes millions, she makes fans, and most of all, Paris just wins.

You've got to give it to Paris - she owns it when she falls. She owns it when she wins. She owns it when she tries to trick people. (Remember that very short lived VH1 show where she gave away a necklace while lunching with a spiritual leader?) In any case, Paris has created a very strong brand. Strong enough that people will fight to be her friend...on TV. Men will wear heels, girls will make out with engaged strangers, and more. That's power - and Paris Hilton, she's got it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Open Letter to Jamie Sterling

See below for the open letter I wrote about the Sterling family on Toddlers & Tiaras:

I feel so bad for AshLynn Sterling! (And kind of bad for BreAnne Sterling too, actually.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras - Season 2 Premiere

Did anyone see the Toddlers & Tiaras - Season 2 Premiere? The mom of the five girls (two of which are twins), Jamie Sterling, drove me nuts. I felt terrible for her daughter AshLynn. (First of all, I'm not a fan of capitals in the middle of names like AshLynn and BreAnne, but whatever.) She was like, BreAnn looks a lot like mommy, and AshLynn has a bigger nose and is really thin or something.

Poor AshLynn! The whole time, it was so obvious that Jamie Sterling preferred BreAnne over AshLynn. My heart broke for AshLynn, especially when Jamie "forgot" to fix her dress (which maybe I believe), when Jamie was saying how she couldn't believe that AshLynn won directors choice, and more. I mean, how condescending! And it was awful when Jamie told BreAnne that she really won when AshLynn clearly just needed a moment of glory. AshLynn was so humble and proud, and BreAnne just took that all away from her. Also, when Jamie said she bought a new dress, trying to pretend it was for both of them, but it was really for BreAnne...that was just sad.

My heart goes out to AshLynn, who just wants to try hard and please herself and her mom. Seriously, though, if Jamie thinks only BreAnne is good enough, why isn't only BreAnne in pageants? Why put AshLynn through the pain?

Friday, July 3, 2009

English / Russian / English Translation Madness: How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Challenge

As you may know, I write for I wrote the following article:

I then googled "cadence ehow" and found this in Russian:

To make sure I wasn't going nuts, I translated the site in Altavista to see (sort of) what the Russain version said, to make sure it was in fact the same article.

It was, but the translation was pretty funny. The English to Russian (on the web) to English translation of my article is as follows:

As to create your own problem of decrease in weight

intonation, a participant in eHowEstimation By of cadence, eHow Of member Norma: (6 estimations) (6 Ratings) Ratings) You and some friends or colleagues do want to lose weight? This list will help you to create the problem of the decrease in weight of amusement and [motivatsii].Do

  1. Step 1

    Gather some friends, the family members or colleagues, who want to lose weight. Say to them that you want to begin the problem of decrease in weight. Be certified that all are planned to lose weight healthily.

  2. Step 2

    You will ask so that all participants would endow ten dollars to the reason for decrease in weight. Take all money and you will purchase the map of gift. (Maps of the gift of bank, which can be spent on anything, they are large selection.)

  3. Step 3

    You will establish the date of the beginning of decrease in weight and the date of end. Have to weigh - explosive the first day. Plan weighing during the middle of competition, and weighing during the past day.

  4. Step 4

    Begin to grow thin! Have encounters, thus all can justify each other. You remember, the map of gift - large prize, but all must be favorable to all rest. This is - friendly competition.

  5. Step 5

    At the end problem, make a finale it is weighed. Men, which lost the majority of victories the map of gift.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great memories.

I was at a wedding today and saw some friends from high school. This is not surprising, being that the wedding I attended was for a friend from high school. The people I saw are people that I see on and off every so often, but don't hang out with regularly.

Seeing them again felt so great. These people have seen me through the best and worst times, and remember my troubles and successes. When I saw them, we just fell back together like no time had passed. We laughed, we talked, we remembered things. They remembered the negatives, but didn't hold them against me. They remembered the positives and we talked about those. And it just felt so great. We talked, laughed and reminisced. We joked about our pasts and thought about where we are today. And it felt so great to see these friends again and know that they are true friends who care and will continue to care, even if I only see them once a year or less.

It was great seeing everyone because it made trivial things seem even more trivial. These people have been there through thick and thin and will continue to be. I am so glad that I have these people in my life, who can make me laugh hysterically and accept me for who I am. People and situations like these make me forget the silly trivial things and think about the wonderful people and things I know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Toddlers & Tiaras

Has anyone seen the show Toddlers & Tiaras? I kind of enjoy watching it, although the concept still seems a bit strange to me. People spend thousands of dollars on dresses that these kids will grow out of in a month. Kids have to go to school, do homework and practice for pageants. It just seems like so much responsibility for a kid.

Overall, though, I see no problem with them unless parents are forcing the kids to do pageants, and I would hope that the money earned when a child wins benefits the child, like going into a college fund or something.

In any case, I find the funniest part to be the short description that the announcer says when the kid goes on stage. One person was described as "(Name) loves gymnastics, chicken nuggets and french fries." Another one was "(Name) loves french fries and wants to find a cure for cancer." It's like, really? She's seven...I hope she does want to find a cure for cancer but I highly doubt at seven that this goal wasn't "programmed" for her. I like when they're at least honest, although I do think it's funny that instead of hobbies, parents list the foods that kids like.

Friday, January 30, 2009

This would be funny

You know how there's the Bowl? I like to say that if I ever get super rich, I'll start a company with a really silly name and buy a sporting event. Bowl, anyone?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Does drama ever end? Seriously - I'm in my mid-twenties and still face drama in some friendships. Most are okay and without major issues, but one still goes nuts every so often, and not always with me involved - I just hear about it.

So, does it ever end? Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad textbook seller

I tried to buy a textbook for class on from an Amazon seller. After emailing the seller a week or so after buying the book, I got an email issuing me a refund. When I inquired further, I was told that the seller didn't actually have the book in stock.

This is bad because:
I need the book now, since class has already started.
I am not sure if this seller would have refunded my money if I didn't ask about the book.

I am glad I emailed the seller, because if I hadn't, I could have ended up just waiting for the book and never receiving it.

I ended up having to buy a new book at almost twice the cost, but at least I was able to get expedited shipping, so it should arrive shortly and I can do most of my work for class.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Dear neighbor,

If you are going to hit a car and drive off, it's a bad idea to hit the car of the people who live next door to you. And, when they confront you, deny it when you have been driving drunk. Then, ignore the cops.

The cop said let it be as her car had more damage than ours, and it's not worth filing a report.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Megan Hauserman vs. Sharon Osbourne

Did anyone see the Rock of Love Charm School reunion? How awesome was it when Sharon Osbourne dumped her juice on Megan Hauserman? Megan seriously deserved it. It drives me nuts that Megan can be so openly catty, vicious and manipulative. And how is she rewarded? With her own reality TV show. Rumor has it that she'll be getting her own show - Trophy Wife. (Like she said her goal was - to become a trophy wife.) One thing is for sure - this girl knows how to play the reality TV game. She did Playboy, was on Blind Date, was on Beauty and the Geek (and won!), and did a lot on VH1: Rock of Love, I Love Money and Charm School. And now VH1 will be giving her another show all to herself. Seriously, though, why would millionaire men (because that's what you have to be) go on reality tv to date this girl? She hurt lots of other people - what's stopping her from hurting all of these guys?

What is giving the villain more fame teaching us? That being like Megan should be rewarded with fame and fortune? She was drunk on the Rock of Love Charm School reunion! Why is she getting fame and fortune for this?

Props to Sharon Osbourne for her actions!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Man's last lotto ticket wins $10 Million for his widow

On the day that Donald Peters died, he unknowingly provided financial security for his wife of 59 years and their family. Peters bought two Connecticut Lottery tickets at a local 7-Eleven store on Nov. 1 as part of a 20-year tradition he shared with his wife Charlotte. Later that day, the 79-year-old retired hat factory worker passed away.

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Friday, January 2, 2009


I am not one for efficiency haircuts. By efficiency haircuts, I mean quick, five minute haircuts like at SuperCuts. As far back as I can remember, I've always gone to a hair salon, where your hair gets washed, cut and dried. Today, I needed a quick trim because I'm trying to keep my hair healthy. I went to SuperCuts, where I had the shortest haircut ever. I sat down, the woman asked me what I wanted (a trim and my bangs fixed), and in five minutes or less, she had sprayed my hair with water, cut it and "dried" it with a hair dryer for about 20 seconds.
I can't say that it looks bad, because the cut is probably about the same as it would have been at a more upscale salon, but the whole concept of quick, efficiency haircutting is so strange to me. And if you take the price to time ratio into account, I paid about $3 a minute for this cut (plus tip) vs. the 50 cents or so I normally pay per minute (at a higher cost, but also a much longer length of time). Will I be going back to SuperCuts? Not likely. However, this is probably the first time I've spent less than an hour in a salon in years.