Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A True Life Episode

Did anyone see True Life - I'm in a Love Triangle? That show made me go "What?!?" The first group was a girl, Felecia, her ex, and the girl that her ex got pregnant. Okay, so here's what drives me nuts about it. Felecia and the guy broke up, then she's mad at the guy for getting another girl pregnant. I can see why she'd be mad since they're trying to get back together, but he didn't cheat or anything. As noted above, they were broken up. But, the plot thickens. This guy got Felecia pregnant previously, but she had an abortion. So, I think she felt slighted because this other girl, Kelsie (who was 18) was keeping the baby. So this guy (forgot his name) wants to date both of them because he "loves" both of them. Okay, so props for staying with Kelsie, who he got pregnant. No points for still dating Felecia again when trying to be with his pregnant girlfriend. Kelsie says she's okay with dating both of them together, and she may be - but she's 18. You change about a million different times between her age and Felecia's (which was 22, I think). This guy wants them all to date - like, all be together. Props to Felecia for not wanting that, and besides, how does that work? Would she have to pay for and babysit Kelsie's baby? The guy says that Felecia's just not "ready" for this kind of relationship, but I think she was smart to walk away in the end - love is one thing, but being 'the other woman' in this situation is another entirely.
The other guy was not really in a love triangle, I think - he was dating one girl who he kind of liked, while he was really into his ex. He played one against the other for a while, and ended up with neither, while claiming he's now single to keep his options open. I think it's just not knowing a good thing when you have one. Lesson learned: don't play girls against one another or you'll end up with none. (These were nice girls, by the way, or so it seemed on TV.)

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