Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Paris Hilton's My New BFF

At first, I thought the concept of the show Paris Hilton's My New BFF was awful. And, well, it is - but in the way that most reality TV is - in the good way. At first I thought all of the girls on this show were just desperate, but you know what? This same stuff happens in life everyday. In school, at work, wherever, people compete for friendship.
There was a lot of benefit for this show: Paris Hilton got a chance to control how her image was portrayed on TV, and some girls got their much wanted 15 minutes of fame.
In any case, Brittany was chosen as the winner. I think she was a good choice, although the whole show (unless I'm wrong) is totally fake. Vanessa would have "yessed" Paris all day. Brittany was pretty legitimate in what she wanted. She wants to be Paris' friend, but she also wants to be a rockstar. I can't fault her for that because she was totally open about it, and didn't appear to be shady about it at all.
It's funny when the girls called the other girls fame seekers. I mean, this is reality TV. Everyone on the show is a fame seeker. If these girls weren't fame seekers, they wouldn't be on reality TV. And this was a great opportunity to grab 15 minutes of fame - you don't need skills or talent - you just need to exist.
Overall, the show was a bit painful to watch but I watched the whole thing. I would like Brittany and Paris to actually be friends, as I think Brittany would be a good friend.

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