90 Day Fiance: Red Flags For Jorge!

On tonight's 90 Day Fiance, Anfisa, who I think we've all questioned, said something that should be a major red flag for Jorge.

Anfisa wants to be famous. And not just internet famous. Real life famous. She's using modeling to get there, but how can Jorge not see that she's using this show as a catalyst for her fame? I really want to believe all of the couples on this show are here for the right reasons, but I'm having a lot of trouble with Jorge and Anfisa. Well, Jorge is in it for real, but he's only one half of the equation. Anfisa knows this show is going to catapult her into the spotlight, and if she leaves the US, she'll leave a ton of opportunity. Plus, she's got a pretty sweet meal ticket with Jorge. I hope he realizes what he's getting into.

Honestly, I hope I'm wrong and the 90 Day Fiance cameras are painting an unfair picture of Jorge and Anfisa. As of now, though, I'm not convinced.

This site reveals whether Jorge and Anfisa are still together today, allegedly, anyway. So read away if you want to know if Jorge and Anfisa are still together!

90 Day Fiance: Alexei's Parents

Am I the only one disgusted by the guilt trip that Alexei's parents were laying on him on 90 Day Fiance? I understand that they're upset that their son moved away, but he's a grown man. He has every right to move to America, and his parents are being irresponsible by blaming him for their sadness. Yes, they may be having a tough time with health issues and such, and I sympathize with that, but how is it fair to inhibit Alexei's life as a grown adult with their guilt?

I feel terrible for Loren - she's trying so hard to make everything work for the pair, and she's being set back by Alexei's parents' guilt trip. And she's being so accommodating by trying to get them to move to America - it's more than she has to do, given the way they're acting.


Sweet Fifteen: Quinceanera vs. My Super Sweet 16

I came across the show Sweet Fifteen: Quinceanera, and decided to give it a try. I was initially horrified by the idea, as I thought it was going to be another version of My Super Sweet 16. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Sweet Fifteen: Quinceanera showcases a company that organizes Quinceaneras and the families who plan them. What's great about this show is the creative party planning ideas that we see, as well as the families and teenagers that we meet. I thought we'd be seeing mental breakdowns and crazy demands, but instead, we see some very nice people celebrating wonderful moments in their lives.

Yes, there is drama (someone collapses in one episode), but we see girls and their families as they go through the planning process and enjoy their special days. And we see some really awesome stuff, like a photo shoot featuring baby tigers. (Hint: they're adorable. ADORABLE.) Whereas My Super Sweet Sixteen focused on drama and not getting the right color car, Sweet Fifteen sheds a much more positive light on party planning.

If you're looking for a fun show that will make you feel good about our youth, give this show a try. I loved it! Sure, parents go all out on their party plans, but the kids are likeable, so you want them to love their big days. Plus, watching party planners Alexis and Jarling make Quinceneara dreams come true is awesome, and you can truly see their talent shine.

90 Day Fiance: Jorge's Secret Revealed

Tonight on 90 Day Fiance, Jorge's big secret was revealed. As we know, he couldn't find an apartment, but we weren't told why.

So what's the big deal that Jorge has been hiding?

He was convicted of a felony for his marijuana business before there were permits and things for his work. He spent a few days in jail, accepted a felony plea, and moved on.

Okay, I get it. But as for not telling Anfisa, his excuse was:

I didn't think you'd ever find out.


I don't think Anfisa's intentions with Jorge are genuine, but this is pretty messed up of you, Jorge.

So that's it. That's the secret. What are your thoughts?

In Defense of Danielle (Sort Of) and Some Other Thoughts on 90 Day Fiance

To say the internet has been unkind of 90 Day Fiance's Danielle (of Danielle and Mohamed fame) would be an understatement. So I'm going to share my perspective on the situation, following last night's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? episode.

You know when something happens and you just don't understand why? It happens to all of us. There are large scale things (global disasters) and small scale things, like a friend being upset with you, but you have no clue as to what happened and why. These things occur, and not always with a clear explanation. Okay, so, we've all been perplexed before, but we either accept that things are confusing or we understand that we don't have all of the answers.

So how does this tie in with Danielle? I legitimately don't think she understands why things went south with Mohamed. While it's clear as day to us television viewers, I really don't believe that she sees it. As an outside observer, we see the following:

  • Mohamed's obvious lack of interest in Danielle from the start
  • The warning signs Mohamed displayed with each passing episode
  • A man who clearly wanted a life that wasn't what he'd get in small town America
  • Danielle not being truthful with Mohamed about finances and other things
  • A recipe for disaster

What concerned me the most about the Happily Ever After? episode is Danielle still wanting to find and work things out with Mohamed because she loves him. That, tied with a lack of self awareness, is problematic. First and foremost, the love issue - even if she does love Mohamed, he doesn't love her. Even if he truly did love her at first and want to try a true relationship, that is clearly no longer the case. He walked out and wants to move to another state, for goodness sake. He's not willing to try. No amount of love on Danielle's part can fix Mohamed's indifference, and (mildly) in his defense, Danielle did lie to him about finances and her stability. Money can break many relationships, let alone those with the stress of a K-1 visa.

So, my defense of Danielle is this - I truly don't think she understands what happened, and I truly don't think she knows better than to want Mohamed back, thinking she can recreate her happily ever after. I think there's really the "If only he'd talk to me, then we could make it work!" mentality in her mind, whereas the sad reality is that nothing is going to save this relationship.

Oh yeah, and there's also a strong lack of accountability, like blaming Mohamed for their cable being turned off. Sure, the bills were put in his name, but as a person not living in the household, I see no reason why Mohamed would pay the bills. So is he out to ruin the family? No. He's out to save himself.

This relationship draws strong parallels to relationship between this season's Nicole and Azan. I don't mean their physical characteristics, I mean the codependency and insecurity displayed by Nicole. Nicole, like Danielle, clearly suffers from low self esteem, and seems to have a hard time seeing beyond herself. The difference is that Nicole is young, and I think she may look back at this and have a different perspective, whereas I think Nicole's is locked where it is.

In the most recent episode, Nicole displayed some warning signs that show that she needs a therapist more than a foreign romance:

  • She announced, giddily, on camera, that she and Azan had sex. He looked horrified, as he's from a conservative nation and that's not something that he was comfortable announcing on camera.
  • When Azan mentioned healthy eating and exercise, Nicole looked like she'd burst into tears as she said, "You'd want me to change?" We all have things that our partners may like us to change - giving vegetables and exercise a chance isn't so bad. She did, after all, blatantly state that she doesn't like vegetables, and vegetables are important for the sake of your health.
  • Nicole seemed to do no research on Morocco before going, and blamed Azan for pushing her away in public when public displays of affection are not widely accepted in Moroccan culture (at least per the show's explanation).
  • She left her daughter for five weeks - FIVE WEEKS - to chase a foreign romance. Is that really okay?
 As for the others, Chantel clearly wants to be with Pedro but his motives are questionable, and the lies they're telling aren't helping. Anfisa isn't very convincing that she's not just into Jorge for the money, and I think Matt and Alla are legit, however strange their background circumstances may be. But we will see!

Quote from Entertainment Weekly from Kenya Barris - I Respectfully Disagree

There is a quote from Entertainment Weekly spoken by Kenya Barris, the creator of the show black-ish, which I truly enjoy and think is fantastic. I have a lot of respect for Barris' work and creativity, but there's a quote from him in the Sept. 16/23, 2016 edition of EW that I think requires more thought. Now, I realize that God and religion are deeply personal for people, and the opinion I share will not be shared by everyone. And that's okay! I am sharing my personal outlook on it, and I recognize that others may not share my view.

There's an upcoming episode of black-ish in which teenage Zoey tells her dad, Dre, that she may not believe in a higher power. Barris pulled this from his own experience when his daughter shared her potential lack of belief. The quotes from the magazine are as follows:

The genesis of the episode came from a conversation Barris had with his own daughter during a routine car ride when she shared her doubts about her faith.

"What I realized [about my daughter] was the idea came from a sense of entitlement that [my wife and I] gave her. For me growing up, you had to have something above you to give you hope. She didn't need that. Her hope was us."

I think this statement sets a dangerous precedent about kids questioning their beliefs. Sure, parents want to pass their beliefs down to their kids. But is it really okay to shut down your kid's feelings because you don't agree with them? And believe that because you gave your child a good life, they have no right to question their belief system?

I understand what Barris is saying - he needed faith to get him through tough times, whereas his daughter has her parents to lean on for her needs. But why is it okay to deny her feelings as a sense of entitlement?  Many people believe in a higher power, many do not. It's totally okay for Barris' daughter to seek her own answers to faith. Perhaps Barris could have considered some different options:

- My daughter has all she needs, so she doesn't need faith. (His takeaway.)
- My daughter may genuinely not share my opinion. Let me talk to her about why I believe in a higher power, and see where we agree and disagree. She may consider some things I've never thought about.
- My daughter may not share my beliefs, and she's a teenager. She's going through a lot. Maybe she can speak to a counselor to discuss her feelings. She's entitled to her opinions, whether or not I agree. She's entitled to her own belief system.

The danger of Barris' wording is that it's not okay for his daughter to not believe in a divine spirit - but it really is! In the way that it's okay for Barris to believe, his daughter has the exact same choice. And sweeping her feelings under the rug as entitled and wrong isn't going to help her with her critical thinking skills or to have confidence in herself and her opinions. Being a non-believer is NOT the sign of an entitled person; it's the sign of someone who has a viewpoint that works for them. You don't have to be entitled in order to not believe, likewise, you don't have to live any particular type of life to be a believer.

My point is this - and I firmly stand by it - if you live your life in a moral and ethical way, you can believe anything that you want. In reality, we may believe what WE believe, but that's our own personal opinion, and we should be open to discussion with those who have different belief systems. Do we truly know what's right? I don't think so, otherwise there wouldn't be so many differing opinions in the world. We can only go with what we think is right, live our lives in a positive way, and love and respect others for who they are, regardless of whether or not we agree with their views.

A Super Disturbing Statement on This Week's Toddlers & Tiaras

Pageant culture is tough, and not all kids are cut out for pageants. On top of that, some moms probably plan to put their daughters in pageants before they're even born, regardless of the child's ability. That being said, one mom's statement took things too far, and way beyond the point of responsible choices.

The below quote is brought to you by Deb, mom of Jayliana, who should be thanking her lucky stars that she was born with pageant talent. The quote was in regards to moms not being happy with where their kids place in a pageant.

Get more practice. Get a better looking kid. Have another baby or something with a different man. I don't know, do what you gotta do to get a cute kid.

What the...WHAT? I'm sure if you asked her, she'd say she was kidding or being sarcastic when she stated this, but does anyone else see how this statement is problematic? What kind of message is this sending? Sorry, kid, you're just not good enough because you're ugly, and looks are all that matters?

Not all Olympians have Olympic bound kids, and I would hope the Olympian parents wouldn't reject the kids because they prefer academics over sports. Your dreams are not your children's dreams. And that's totally okay.

I get it - some people reproduce in order to pass on their genetic lineage, so a less than picture perfect child can be devastating for some. But finding a new father for a replacement child, well, that's just...you know what? I'm done. You can let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Just so you know, I don't think that Deb meant this statement literally - I think it was meant to be a commentary on how serious some pageant moms are, as she was also commenting on how some mothers take losses personally. I believe Deb likely has a biting wit and strong sense of humor and may have been commenting on how some parents take pageants way too seriously. But the statement itself, taken in a context of its own...it's harsh!

Toddlers and Tiaras, Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

Toddlers and Tiaras episode 2 picked up where episode 1 ended, with Selyse missing her turn on stage. Fortunately, Tonya Bailey is awesome and let Selyse go on beause it's not her fault that she had bad preparation. Unfortunately, Selyse walked right offstage in the middle of her beauty routine. Kim, Selyse's mom, blamed the lack of preparation on coach Jaimie.

Lilly was next to compete. Her stage presence was incredible! It's amazing how poised she is for such a young child. Kallyn followed, but questioned what she was doing onstage (she asked her mom "what?" and paused) but she picked back up. Jacquelynne followed. Her personality was very strong.

Outfit of choice, which featured jungle wear, was next. And wow, people went all out for this! However, Kim didn't have a song picked out for her daughter. She wanted to wing it. That's risky! Both Megan (Kallyn's mom) and Jaimie realize that Kim's blaming Jaimie for everything, but she's really unprepared. I'm not sure if there ended up being music, but judge Barbie Eason was unimpressed with Selyse's makeup, anyway.

Kallyn struggled with getting her hair and makeup done, but mom Megan did a great job keeping her in line.

Lilly was hyper before outfit of choice. She did great, despite that the wrong version of her song played. Kallyn followed and froze up on stage. Judge Chloe Brown said that could mess up her score. Jacquelynne did great, and it was refreshing to see a kid in a conservative, kid-appropriate outfit.

The Winners

If you don't get a divisional title, you've pulled a higher title.

Taking the 3 year old outfit of choice category was Isabella.
The divisional supreme queen was Selyse.

For the four year olds, outfit of choice went to Aniston.
The divisional supreme queen was Taliana.

For the fives and sixes, outfit of choice was won by Kaylee.
Jacquelynne won best dressed, as I understood it, but I guess maybe I heard wrong because her mom said she bumped for a higher title.

0-3 Mini Supreme went to Hailey.
4 - 8 Personality Supreme went to Lilly. Her mom was not thrilled.
4 - 8 Beauty Photo Supreme was awarded to Jacquelynne. Mom Sylvia was disappointed because she'd rather her daughter win for her onstage work.
Kallyn won the Face of 2016, which is highest in her age group. Lilly's mom Amber did not take this well, insisting it was a mistake.
Abby took the 9 and up Ultimate Grand Supreme.
Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme went to Landry.

Lilly cried because she wanted to win the car, and she said it's all her fault. This concerned me because she was blaming herself as if she was a failure, which was completely untrue.

Kim continued to blame Jaimie for everything, so when she ran into Cambrie, she told her she wanted to switch teams. Cambrie said they'd schedule a consultation. Jaimie and team were not amused.

It looks like we'll see this drama get heavier on next week's episode. And, on top of that, it sounds like the pageant director of next week's pageant is Jaimie's mom!

Interview With Tonya Bailey, Founder of Bailey's Pageants, Featured on Toddlers and Tiaras Season 7

On the season seven premiere of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras, Tonya Bailey, founder of Bailey’s Pageants, made things very clear. Everyone wants to win the supreme title. You won’t always agree with who wins. A loss is not the end of the world. And most of all, don’t badmouth the judges or the winner – pageant wins are based on opinions. Just because you think your kid is the best doesn’t mean an impartial pageant judge will agree.

We at Less Than Reality sat down with Tonya to get a feel for today’s pageant world and what it’s like to be part of the Toddlers & Tiaras reality franchise.

Less Than Reality: You’re the founder and head of Bailey’s Pageants, which hosts multiple pageants throughout the year. Tell me about your pageants and why girls are clamoring to compete in them.

Tonya Bailey: At Bailey's Pageants we work hard to make each child feel like they are the Mega Ultimate Winner! We work hard to have one of a kind amazing crowns and the best prizes. We do lots of special extra things for the contestants to make them feel special

Less Than Reality: How did you get involved in pageants? Did you compete before you began your own company?

Tonya Bailey:  I competed until the age of 16 and began directing at 18. I am currently 45, so it has been some time. My husband Todd is the pageant emcee. My sister Shelia, her daughter Kristi and my Mom Lila also help with everything. So, everyone puts effort in making Bailey's Pageants great.

Less Than Reality: Your Jungle Safari pageant was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras. Do you think the fact that this pageant was on the show encouraged more girls to compete? Do you think anyone shied away because of the television coverage?

Tonya Bailey:  I believe some enter the pageant for the chance to be seen on TV and the excitement of a filming crew.

I have heard of some people who would rather not attend a pageant that is being filmed. I guess they feel nervous of possibly being filmed doing something they wouldn't want on TV, or something being taken out of context.

Less Than Reality: Do you think Toddlers and Tiaras has changed the pageant world? Has it made it more competitive, or made it even glitzier than it was before? Did you notice a rise in pageant enrollment as the show gained popularity?

Tonya Bailey: I have had many people tell me they entered the pageant because of the show. They saw the show and wanted to see what a pageant was really all about! The pageant world has always been competitive, just like any sport, and is always evolving. Someone is always taking it to the next level.

Less Than Reality: Season 7 is the first of Toddlers and Tiaras to focus on pageant coaches. Do you think a pageant coach is necessary to win a pageant?

Tonya Bailey: I believe a coach can only help you  in your pageant quest. They can help guide you in so many aspects besides your stage routines. Just like gymnastics, cheer or football, a coach can only help you be the best you can be.

Less Than Reality: What are some key factors that make pageant competitors winners? Are there are any primary things that the girls absolutely must do? Are there any things that can be detrimental to a competitor’s success?

Tonya Bailey: Pageants are hard work! It takes lots of dedication and discipline to be able to compete. I see some who may not have practiced, and when they hit the stage they are not prepared and it shows! Knowing you did all you can for your child to be the best she can be is what every parent wants to provide.

Less Than Reality: If you could give advice to anyone thinking of getting involved in pageants, what would it be?

Tonya Bailey: It's an expensive hobby but very rewarding! Learning to overcome shyness and come out of a shell are one of things I really enjoy seeing. How a contestant can evolve just like a butterfly. Just be prepared to put in the work because that is what it takes to be a top competitor.
Less Than Reality: Anything else you’d like to share?

Tonya Bailey: Pageants are a passion of mine. I enjoy the hobby and love to see all the hard work each contestant does show as they shine on stage.

Toddlers and Tiaras is Back! Recap of Season 7, Episode 1

Toddlers and Tiaras is back on TLC after its long hiatus! We were brought back in as kids get collagen sprays, hypnosis and all kinds of other crazy things.

We met Cambrie first, and she's the coach of Cambrie's Court. She's been in pageants since the age of two. She says that she's so into pageants, she can't hold a boyfriend.

Cambrie's up against Jaimie's squad, the Sassy Supremes. Jaimie, like Cambrie, says it's impossible to win pageants without a coach these days. She competed in pageants until the age of 18, at which time she began coaching. She said either she or Cambrie's girls win most titles, so the competition between the pair is fierce.

This week was Tonya Bailey's Jungle Supreme Pageant in Louisiana. It's the first pageant of the season (and there are pageants weekly), and all of the big coaching groups will be represented.

The first kid we met was in Gilbert, AZ. Her name is Kallyn, who's 4 years old. Her mom, Megan, seemed like a lot of fun - she said her little lion was going to win the jungle pageant, then burst out laughing. Although Kallyn was sick, all of the pageant fees had been paid, so they were still going. Megan says Kallyn's advantage is that she looks like the quintessential pageant queen: blond hair, big smile, etc.

Jaimie, Kallyn's coach, showed up at Megan's home. Jaimie said that she charges $55 an hour or $30 for half an hour, which is the most reasonable she knows of, but she wants everyone to have a chance. Kallyn sees Jaimie at least once, if not twice, a week for coaching. Kallyn also had extensions, tanning, and loads of costumes....leading up to the most expensive pageant Kallyn's ever been in, at $2,500.

The second child featured was Selyse, 3 years old, in Pheonix, AZ. Her mom is named Kim. They're part of Jaimie's group. Kim's income pays for pageants, and she's actually put off dental work so can pay for pageants instead. Kim said Selyse always takes home a supreme title. Kim felt unprepared with the work Jaimie has done for her, and felt like she wasn't getting enough attention.

In Benbrook, TX, we met Lilly, a 4 year old. Amber, her mom, said Lilly has won most of her thirty-five pageants. Amber designed a $1,000 dress for the upcoming pageant. Amber's husband is only home one week a month because of his job, and Amber realizes that she and her family make sacrifices so Amber can have what she needs.

Lilly's on Cambrie's team, and Cambrie noted that Lilly can be a great kid, but can also be a terror at times. Cambrie costs $175 per class. Cambrie said she charges more than Jaimie because she helps more, and that Jaimie's probably jealous of her.

Cambrie brought her team together to prepare for the jungle pageant. She likes to take around 5 to 8 girls to a pageant so they can claim all the big titles.

Finally, we met Jacquelynne, 5, and mom Sylvia. This was Cambrie's first time meeting Jacquelynne - she does her normal coaching via Skype. Though they live in Louisiana, they work with Cambrie because they say she's the best. Sylvia says they've been criticized by family and friends for their pageant participation, but people don't understand that Jacquelynne's not in pageant wear every day - this is just like dress up.

Cambrie had actress/acting coach Dallas Lovato (Demi's sister) come in to help the girls. She and Demi both started out in pageants. She had the girls become the animal characters they'd be playing in the pageant.

Cambrie had a confrontation with a girl named Jayliana and her mom, Deb, who didn't want her wearing a cheerleader bow because she's not a cheerleader. Cambrie stood firm - the girls need to match. In the end, Jayliana and her mom left.

In Tempe, AZ, Jaimie brought her team in public to perform so they could build confidence. Jaimie chose to bring two of the twenty girls she coaches to the jungle pageant, because she chooses quality over quantity. Jaimie was frustrated by Selyse's lack of practice and her mom, Kim's, defense of it.

The Pageant

We got a tough talk from Tonya Bailey, letting us know that not everyone will win, you're paying for an opinion, and a pageant win is not that serious. It bothers her when a mom wants to win more than a kid does.

Jaimie tried to prepare Selyse, who was feeling clingy towards her mom. Kim said it's because Selyse is picking up on her stress. As the three year olds got called on, Selyse was still preparing. Kim had to run her downstairs. As the episode ended, we weren't sure if Selyse would get to go on because she was late.

Now Toddlers and Tiaras stretches over more than one episode! Next time, we'll see issues with Lilly's music and all kinds of other drama. I can't wait!

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